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Cookies can be given Magic Ingredient gifts in the Lobby, which increases their Affection. Each Cookie has at least one liked item and one disliked item, which affect how much their Affection is increased, or if it is at all. If a Costume changes their preferred gifts, it is listed. The daily currency reward that the Cookie gives is also listed.

Common Cookies

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0001 head.png GingerBrave/ Cookie0001z03 head.png Ginger Claus Outfit Coin 001.png Small but Brave Button.png,Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Ancient Pet Egg.png Breakout Certificate.png/Golden Hammer.png
Cookie0003 head.png GingerBright Coin 001.png Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0002 head.png Strawberry Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Pink Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0011 head.png Skater Cookie Coin 001.png Rescue Certificate.png Ancient Pet Egg.png

Rare Cookies

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0013 head.png Zombie Cookie OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Ancient Pet Egg.png Golden Ink.png
Cookie0012 head.png Angel Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Blessed Feather.png Blessing Powder.png Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0015 head.png Muscle Cookie/ Cookie0015z04 head.png Warrior Tyke Coin 001.png Iron Chocolate.png,Bronze Hammer.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Pale Leaf.png/Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0105 head.png Pilot Cookie Coin 001.png Bronze Piece of Paper.png Bent Golden Key.png
Cookie0007 head.png Ninja Cookie/ Cookie0007z03 head.png Yami no Densetsu CookieRunCrystal.png Polished Shuriken.png,Solid Blue Sugar Crystal.png/Bent Silver Key.png Cracked Treasure Stone.png/Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0039 head.png Soda Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Small Soda Wave.png Blue Sugar Crystal.png Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0027 head.png Rockstar Cookie/ Cookie0027z03 head.png Epic Year's End Concert Rainbow Cube.png Rock Spirit Guitar String.png,Silver Ink.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Black Sugar Crystal.png/Blessing Powder.png
Cookie0023 head.png Devil Cookie/ Cookie0023z02 head.png Horns of Gold OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Twice-Baked Spectral Jelly.png,Solid Gray Sugar Crystal.png/Ancient Pet Egg.png Blessing Powder.png/Cracked Treasure Stone.png
Cookie0028 head.png Cherry Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Explosive Cherry Powder.png Broken Key Fragment.png Blessing Powder.png
Cookie0034 head.png Alchemist Cookie/ Cookie0034z01 head.png Forbidden Flask/Guileful Queen OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Grape Flask.png,Ancient Cookie Chest.png/Bent Golden Key.png/Orange Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Piece of Paper.png/Treasure Stamp.png/Silver Ink.png
Cookie0050 head.png Gumball Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Silver Piece of Paper.png Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0033 head.png Pistachio Cookie OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Silver Hammer.png Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png
Cookie0035 head.png Vampire Cookie/ Cookie0035z02 head.png Insouciant King OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Aromatic Grape Juice.png,Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Cracked Treasure Stone.png/Blessing Powder.png
Cookie0037 head.png Cheesecake Cookie/ Cookie0037z01 head.png Party Royale Coin 001.png Mysterious Golden Pouch.png Pale Cube.png/Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0009 head.png Knight Cookie Coin 001.png Keepsake Horseshoe.png Solid Pink Sugar Crystal.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0008 head.png Princess Cookie/ Cookie0008z03 head.png Royal Crown CookieRunCrystal.png Bent Golden Key.png/Silver Piece of Paper.png Violet Sugar Crystal.png/Bronze Ink.png
Cookie0020 head.png Cheerleader Cookie Coin 001.png Mint & Lemon Ribbon.png Blessing Powder.png Bent Golden Key.png

Epic Cookies

Season 1

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0106 head.png Space Doughnut/ Cookie0106z02 head.png Royal Excellence Rainbow Cube.png Mysterious Meteorite Shard.png,Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png/Blessing Powder.png Golden Hammer.png/Violet Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0019 head.png Hero Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Energy Mineral Mint.png Bronze Hammer.png Millennial Tree Tears.png
Cookie0018 head.png Skating Queen Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Snowflake-shaped Gem.png Black Sugar Crystal.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0104 head.png Yoga Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Handful of Enlightenment.png Mysterious Silver Pouch.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0024 head.png Kumiho Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Fluffy Foxtail.png Bent Bronze Key.png Solid Brown Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0016 head.png Pirate Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Old Treasure Map.png Treasure Stamp.png Rescue Certificate.png
Cookie0101 head.png Popcorn Cookie/ Cookie0101z03 head.png Movie Night Rainbow Cube.png Freshly Roasted Popcorn.png,Solid Yellow Sugar Crystal.png/Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Millennial Tree Tears.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0044 head.png Werewolf Cookie/Shadow Lurker CookieRunCrystal.png Ash Moonstone.png,Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png/Blessing Powder.png Golden Ink.png/Violet Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0030 head.png Snow Sugar Cookie OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Snow Meringue.png Bent Silver Key.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0025 head.png Wizard Cookie/ Cookie0025z01 head.png Azure Flame Staff OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Popping Ice Cream.png,Ancient Pet Egg.png/Silver Hammer.png Silver Hammer.png/Ancient Pet Egg.png
Cookie0040 head.png Tiger Lily Cookie/Golden Warrior CookieRunCrystal.png Sharp Tiger Orange Stone.png,Solid Orange Sugar Crystal.png/??? Breakout Certificate.png/???
Cookie0103 head.png Dark Choco Cookie/ Cookie0103z02 head.png Young Prince CookieRunCrystal.png Dark Cocoa Bean.png,Solid Violet Sugar Crystal.png/Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Pale Leaf.png/Pale Cube.png
Cookie0046 head.png Mint Choco Cookie/ Cookie0046z02 head.png Magnificent Symphony Coin 001.png Silver Piece of Paper.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png Bent Golden Key.png/Breakout Certificate.png
Cookie0026 head.png Fairy Cookie OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Fairy Flower Seed.png Pale Leaf.png Silver Piece of Paper.png

Cookie0045 head.png Cocoa Cookie/ Cookie0045z02 head.png Enchanted Waltz

Coin 001.png Sweet Cocoa Powder.png,Solid Brown Sugar Crystal.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Bronze Ink.png/Golden Hammer.png
Cookie0069 head.png Pancake Cookie/ Cookie0069z03 head.png Fluffy Unicorn Jammies CookieRunCrystal.png Full Stack of Pancakes.png,Pale Cube.png/Blessing Powder.png Rescue Certificate.png/Breakout Certificate.png
Cookie0043 head.png Kiwi Cookie/ Cookie0043z01 head.png Maverick of the Circuit Coin 001.png Kiwi Bike Tires.png,Rescue Certificate.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Golden Piece of Paper.png/Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0063 head.png Herb Cookie/Sage of Ivies CookieRunCrystal.png Sun-kissed Herb Seedling.png,Blue Bottle.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Ancient Pet Egg.png/???
Cookie0048 head.png Cream Puff Cookie/ Cookie0048z01 head.png Dark Magic Hat/Cookie0048z03 head.png Starpath Conjurer OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Puffy Little Cream Puffs.png,Golden Ink.png/Mysterious Golden Pouch.png/??? Bronze Hammer.png/Blessing Powder.png/???
Cookie0055 head.png Peppermint Cookie/ Cookie0055z02 head.png Ballad of the Starry Sea Coin 001.png Whispering Conch.png,Bronze Ink.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Hammer.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0107 head.png Dr. Wasabi Cookie /Cookie0107z02 head.png Wasabi Overdrive OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Fresh Wasabi Mandrake.png,Broken Key Fragment.png/Pink Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Ink.png/Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0108 head.png Mustard Cookie Coin 001.png Spiky Mutant Mustard Seeds.png Bronze Ink.png Treasure Stamp.png
Cookie0053 head.png Orange Cookie/ Cookie0053z03 head.png Summer Parade Coin 001.png Fresh Orange Slice.png,Solid Orange Sugar Crystal.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Silver Piece of Paper.png/Broken Key Fragment.png

Season 2

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0071 head.png Moon Rabbit Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Splendid Moon Rice Cake.png Mysterious Silver Pouch.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0110 head.png Matcha Cookie/Witherbark Shaman OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Enchanted Tea Leaf.png,Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png/??? Pale Cube.png/???
Cookie0059 head.png Macaron Cookie/ Cookie0059z01 head.png Festive Year's End Parade Rainbow Cube.png Rainbow Dough.png,Blessing Powder.png/Green Sugar Crystal.png Bent Golden Key.png/Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0029 head.png Carol Cookie/ Cookie0029z01 head.png Picturesque Performer Coin 001.png Wonderful Melody.png,Green Sugar Crystal.png/Bronze Piece of Paper.png Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0111 head.png Sparkling Cookie/ Cookie0111z01 head.png Star Guest CookieRunCrystal.png Fizzy Ice Ball.png,Orange Sugar Crystal.png/Solid Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Golden Hammer.png
Cookie0061 head.png Red Bean Cookie/Winter Wrangler CookieRunCrystal.png Golden Beans.png,Bronze Hammer.png/Breakout Certificate.png Solid Pink Sugar Crystal.png/Gray Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0112 head.png Ice Candy Cookie Coin 001.png Cracked Candy Puck.png Breakout Certificate.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0031 head.png Pink Choco Cookie/ Cookie0031z01 head.png Ribbity Water Beam Rainbow Cube.png Melted Chocolate.png,Solid Pink Sugar Crystal.png/Pink Sugar Crystal.png Pale Cube.png/Silver Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0113 head.png Avocado Cookie Coin 001.png Fresh Avocado Oil.png Golden Hammer.png Pale Leaf.png
Cookie0051 head.png Cherry Blossom Cookie/Red Equinox Coin 001.png Pink Cherry Sprout.png,Pink Sugar Crystal.png/Green Sugar Crystal.png Silver Piece of Paper.png/Breakout Certificate.png
Cookie0116 head.png Whipped Cream Cookie/ Cookie0116z01 head.png Night of Reverie CookieRunCrystal.png Lovely Toeshoe.png,Solid Green Sugar Crystal.png/Mysterious Silver Pouch.png Blue Sugar Crystal.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0062 head.png White Choco Cookie/ Cookie0062z01 head.png Blazing Knight Coin 001.png Handkerchief à la Rose.png,Mysterious Golden Pouch.png/Solid Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Blue Bottle.png/Breakout Certificate.png

Season 3

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0038 head.png Adventurer Cookie/ Cookie0038z01 head.png Explorer Tyke/Accidental Host CookieRunCrystal.png Baumkuchen Rope.png,Bent Golden Key.png/Rescue Certificate.png/Rescue Certificate.png Blue Bottle.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png/Pink Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0042 head.png Blackberry Cookie/ Cookie0042z01 head.png Elegant Respite CookieRunCrystal.png Gloomy Blackberry.png,Gray Sugar Crystal.png/Green Sugar Crystal.png Black Sugar Crystal.png/Bronze Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0121 head.png Chili Pepper Cookie Coin 001.png Crimson Bandana.png Mysterious Golden Pouch.png Shiny Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0047 head.png Red Pepper Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Hand Wraps of Dedication.png Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Cracked Treasure Stone.png
Cookie0122 head.png Grapefruit Cookie/Phenomenal Stuntmaster Rainbow Cube.png Juicy Grapefruit Slice.png,Breakout Certificate.png/Mysterious Silver Pouch.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png/Rescue Certificate.png
Cookie0052 head.png Lemon Cookie Coin 001.png Charged Lemon Slice.png Pale Cube.png Breakout Certificate.png
Cookie0123 head.png Salt Cookie/ Cookie0123z01 head.png Revenant Captain Rainbow Cube.png Salt Ore.png,Broken Key Fragment.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Silver Hammer.png/Rescue Certificate.png
Cookie0054 head.png Lime Cookie Coin 001.png Bitter Lime Piece.png Solid Blue Sugar Crystal.png Ancient Pet Egg.png
Cookie0124 head.png Squid Ink Cookie/Pirate "Hunter" Rainbow Cube.png Ink-stained Coins.png,Cracked Treasure Stone.png/Treasure Stamp.png Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0126 head.png Pomegranate Cookie/ Cookie0126z01 head.png Twisted Labyrinth OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Mystic Bell.png,Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Blessing Powder.png/Yellow Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0127 head.png DJ Cookie/ Cookie0127z01 head.png Megastar Rainbow Cube.png Sprouted Jelly Bean.png,Black Sugar Crystal.png/Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Hammer.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0067 head.png Roll Cake Cookie/Menace of the Circuit CookieRunCrystal.png Caramel Wrench.png,Golden Hammer.png/Silver Hammer.png Cracked Treasure Stone.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0130 head.png Marshmallow Cookie/Merry Year's End March OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Sugar Shako.png,Yellow Sugar Crystal.png/Breakout Certificate.png Broken Key Fragment.png/Gray Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0060 head.png Cinnamon Cookie/ Cookie0060z01 head.png Fortuneteller Apprentice/Jokester of Hearts Rainbow Cube.png Magic Card.png,Ancient Cookie Chest.png/Violet Sugar Crystal.png/Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Pale Leaf.png/Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Silver Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0131 head.png Fig Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Green Fig.png Solid Green Sugar Crystal.png Millennial Tree Tears.png
Cookie0066 head.png Cotton Candy Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Fluff of Love.png Golden Ink.png Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0132 head.png Carrot Cookie/ Cookie0132z02 head.png Floral Chef de Cuisine CookieRunCrystal.png Mini Carrot Trowel.png,Brown Sugar Crystal.png/Orange Sugar Crystal.png Pale Leaf.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0133 head.png Beet Cookie/Blooming Chef de Partie Rainbow Cube.png Vitamin Leaf.png,Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Silver Hammer.png Ancient Pet Egg.png/Brown Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0134 head.png Purple Yam Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Spiked Sweet Potato.png Bronze Hammer.png Bent Bronze Key.png
Cookie0135 head.png Milk Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Calcium Rich Milk.png Blue Bottle.png Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0136 head.png Ion Cookie Robot/ Cookie0136z01 head.png Red Dread/DinoBot No.1 Rainbow Cube.png Powered Ion Drink.png,Ancient Pet Egg.png/Broken Key Fragment.png/Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Broken Key Fragment.png/Ancient Pet Egg.png/Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0137 head.png Cyborg Cookie/ Cookie0137z01 head.png Neo Augment CookieRunCrystal.png Chewy Jelly Cable.png,Ancient Cookie Chest.png/Bronze Hammer.png Rescue Certificate.png/Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png
Cookie0064 head.png Dino-Sour Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Sour Dinosaur Egg.png Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Golden Hammer.png
Cookie0139 head.png Plum Cookie/ Cookie0139z02 head.png Sky Master CookieRunCrystal.png Vitality Pastille.png,Golden Hammer.png/Blessing Powder.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png/Rescue Certificate.png
Cookie0056 head.png Peach Cookie/ Cookie0056z02 head.png Garden of Delights Rainbow Cube.png Tome of Mastery.png,Solid Yellow Sugar Crystal.png/Pink Sugar Crystal.png Golden Hammer.png/Bronze Ink.png

Season 4

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0140 head.png Yogurt Cream Cookie/Midsummer Plenitude CookieRunCrystal.png Organic Yogurt.png Yellow Sugar Crystal.png/Bent Silver Key.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png/Blue Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0141 head.png Walnut Cookie/ Cookie0141z02 head.png Search for Lost Time Rainbow Cube.png Classic Detective Novel.png,Broken Key Fragment.png/Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Bent Bronze Key.png/Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0142 head.png Roguefort Cookie/Pursuit of Lost Time CookieRunCrystal.png Phantom Bleu's Wax Seal.png,Golden Ink.png/Broken Key Fragment.png Treasure Stamp.png
Cookie0143 head.png Mala Sauce Cookie/Unyielding Rook Rainbow Cube.png Mug of Mala Sauce.png,Bronze Hammer.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png Broken Key Fragment.png/Bronze Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0144 head.png Birthday Cake Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Warm Syrup Wax.png Solid Pink Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Ink.png
Cookie0145 head.png Firecracker Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Shiny Confetti Ribbons.png Blessing Powder.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0146 head.png Chestnut Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Worn Tire.png Silver Hammer.png Treasure Stamp.png
Cookie0147 head.png Pudding Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Jingle Jingle Pudding.png Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Silver Ink.png
Cookie0032 head.png Prophet Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Fortune Cookie Leftover.png Ancient Pet Egg.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0148 head.png Blueberry Pie Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Summoning Fragment.png Shiny Sugar Crystal.png Bent Bronze Key.png
Cookie0150 head.png Raspberry Mousse Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Valorous House Crest.png Crimson Sugar Crystal.png Rescue Certificate.png
Cookie0151 head.png Rose Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Morning Dew Rosebud.png Ancient Pet Egg.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0152 head.png Spinach Cookie/Pouch of Wishes Rainbow Cube.png Fresh Spring Leaf.png,Green Sugar Crystal.png/Silver Piece of Paper.png Pale Leaf.png/Gray Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0153 head.png Sandwich Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Authentic Packaging.png Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0154 head.png Mango Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Mango Peel Necklace.png Blue Sugar Crystal.png Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0036 head.png Apple Cookie Rainbow Cube.png =Link=Crispy Crunchy Apple Slice Pink Sugar Crystal.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0157 head.png Cream Unicorn Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png So Fluffy Meringue.png Broken Key Fragment.png Gray Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0057 head.png General Jujube Cookie /Cookie0057z01 head.png Grand Marshal Rainbow Cube.png Shining Glaive Blade.png,Silver Piece of Paper.png/Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Mysterious Silver Pouch.png/Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0158 head.png Leek Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Crisp Leek Scabbard.png Green Sugar Crystal.png Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0159 head.png Captain Ice Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Commendation Medal.png Blessing Powder.png Silver Ink.png
Cookie0160 head.png Sorbet Shark Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Sorbet Icing Fish.png Rescue Certificate.png Blue Sugar Crystal.png

Season 5

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0161 head.png Lobster Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Guardian's Claw.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png Green Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0162 head.png Mocha Ray Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Cracked Sugar Crystal.png Green Sugar Crystal.png Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0163 head.png Truffle Cookie/ Cookie0163z01 head.png Rumorous Collector Rainbow Cube.png Black Veil.png,Mysterious Silver Pouch.png/Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0058 head.png Onion Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Tattered Worn Fabric.png Broken Key Fragment.png Breakout Certificate.png
Cookie0164 head.png Melon Bun Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Melon Stone Fragment.png Bronze Ink.png Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0165 head.png Goblin Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Cheese Coin Stash.png linkYellow Sugar Crystal= Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0166 head.png Croissant Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Timecraft Cogwheel.png Brown Sugar Crystal.png Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0168 head.png Popping Candy Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Dreamlit Sprinkles.png Breakout Certificate.png Bronze Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0169 head.png Shining Glitter Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Limited Edition Record.png Pink Sugar Crystal.png Bent Silver Key.png
Cookie0170 head.png Chess Choco Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Twin Chess Knights.png Black Sugar Crystal.png Mysterious Silver Pouch.png
Cookie0171 head.png Earl Grey Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Premium Tea.png Treasure Stamp.png Gray Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0172 head.png Cookiemals Rainbow Cube.png Cream Prints.png Ancient Pet Egg.png Silver Ink.png
Cookie0173 head.png Churro Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Sacred Bark Gauntlet.png Green Sugar Crystal.png Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0175 head.png Ice Juggler Cookie None (N/A) Slightly Melted Ice Cream.png Bent Bronze Key.png Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0068 head new.png Banana Cookie None (N/A) Chocolate Dipped Banana.png Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Breakout Certificate.png
Cookie0176 head.png Starfruit Cookie None (N/A) Starlight Starfruit Pin.png Black Sugar Crystal.png Bent Silver Key.png
Cookie0503 head.png Licorice Cookie/Abberant Conjurer None (N/A) Licorice Skull Candy.png,Silver Ink.png/Silver Piece of Paper.png Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0178 head.png Bell Pepper Cookie None (N/A) Bell Pepper Bolt.png Bronze Hammer.png Rescue Certificate.png
Cookie0179 head.png Aloe Cookie/ Cookie0179z01 head.png Visitor from the Future None (N/A) Gelatinous Dewy Aloe.png,Broken Key Fragment.png/Bronze Ink.png Treasure Stamp.png/Bent Bronze Key.png
Cookie0180 head.png Butter Pretzel Cookie None (N/A) Savory Goat Milk.png Silver Ink.png Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0517 head.png Almond Cookie/Commissioner of Parfaedia None (N/A) 20px,Broken Key Fragment.png/Rescue Certificate.png Bent Bronze Key.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png

Season 6

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0522 head.png Lilac Cookie/ Cookie0522z01 head.png Midsummer Bliss None (N/A) 20px,Yellow Sugar Crystal.png/Violet Sugar Crystal.png Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Silver Hammer.png
Cookie0181 head.png Scorpion Cookie None (N/A) 20px Silver Piece of Paper.png Violet Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0182 head.png Bellflower Cookie None (N/A) 20px Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png Brown Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0183 head.png Ginseng Cookie None (N/A) 20px Bronze Ink.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0184 head.png Hydrangea Cookie None (N/A) Blooming Hydrangeas.png Brown Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0186 head.png Sour Belt Cookie/Choc'au Latte F/W Collection None (N/A) 20px,Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png/??? Rescue Certificate.png/Silver Piece of Paper.png

Legendary Cookies

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0049 head.png Moonlight Cookie/ Cookie0049z03 head.png Alluring Crescent Moon CookieRunCrystal.png Little Star.png,Mysterious Golden Pouch.png/Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png Treasure Stamp.png/Golden Piece of Paper.png
Cookie0070 head.png Wind Archer Cookie/ Cookie0070z02 head.png Night Raven/Zephyr of Life CookieRunCrystal.png Pale Leaf.png/Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Broken Key Fragment.png/Pale Leaf.png Millennial Tree Tears.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0065 head.png Sea Fairy Cookie/Cookie0065z01 head.png Luminous Coral/Dread Trident of the Abyss CookieRunCrystal.png Shimmering Moonlit Coral.png,Millennial Tree Tears.png/Pink Sugar Crystal.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Hammer.png/Black Sugar Crystal.png/Yellow Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0041 head.png Fire Spirit Cookie/ Cookie0041z01 head.png Lord of Ash CookieRunCrystal.png Dragon's Breath.png,Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png/Solid Black Sugar Crystal.png Solid Green Sugar Crystal.png/Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0109 head.png Dark Enchantress Cookie/ Cookie0109z01 head.png Chaos Incarnate CookieRunCrystal.png Everburning Dark Crystal.png,Cracked Treasure Stone.png/Ancient Cookie Chest.png Millennial Tree Tears.png/Green Sugar Crystal.png
Cookie0125 head.png Millennial Tree Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Shiny Sugar Crystal.png Millennial Tree Tears.png Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0138 head.png Pitaya Dragon Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Mysterious Golden Pouch.png Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png
Cookie0155 head.png Ananas Dragon Cookie Rainbow Cube.png Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Ancient Cookie Chest.png
Cookie0167 head.png Timekeeper Cookie CookieRunCrystal.png Brown Sugar Crystal.png Broken Key Fragment.png
Cookie0185 head.png Lotus Dragon Cookie None (N/A) Silver Piece of Paper.png Blessing Powder.png

Special Cookies

Cookie Reward Like Dislike
Cookie0128 head.png Hello Kitty Coin 001.png Solid Yellow Sugar Crystal.png Bronze Hammer.png
Cookie0129 head.png Mimmy Coin 001.png Solid Pink Sugar Crystal.png Pale Leaf.png
Cookie0156 head.png Cookiedroid CookieRunCrystal.png Breakout Certificate.png Rescue Certificate.png