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For the list of Evolve Treasures, see List of Evolve Treasures.
For the list of treasure categories, see Treasure Categories.

If you like to view and compare treasures by their functionality, be sure to visit the treasure categories page.

Cookie Run also have a Treasure Draw Season, in which some treasures have been pre-selected so they cannot be obtained during a certain time. Below is the list of treasure seasons:

(I) 27 November - 23 December 2015, extended until 24 February 2016
(II) 25 February 2016 - 4 March 2016, extended until 14 October 2016
(III) 14 October 2016 - until 22 December 2016

Elixir of Experience

Elixir of Experience S.png
Elixir of Experience M.png
Elixir of Experience L.png
Elixir of Experience XL.png
Elixir of Experience XXL.png

S-grade Treasures

For the detailed list of each treasure’s effect, see List of Treasures/LINE/S-grade.

Equip Treasures

Obtained from upgrading Cookies and Pets

Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf.png
Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf
Angel Cookie's Holy Feather.png
Angel Cookie's Holy Feather
Pirate Cookie's Revival Boots.png
Pirate Cookie's Revival Boots
Skating Queen Cookie's Hairpin.png
Skating Queen Cookie's Hairpin
Hero Cookie's Mint Candy.png
Hero Cookie's Mint Candy
Cheerleader Cookie's Pink Megaphone.jpg
Cheerleader Cookie's Pink Megaphone
Special Force Cookie's Face Paint.jpg
Special Force Cookie's Face Paint
Rebel Cookie's Copy Doll.png
Rebel Cookie's Copy Doll
Devil Cookie's Tail Compass.jpg
Devil Cookie's Tail Compass
Ninetales Cookie's Fresh Pudding.jpg
Ninetales Cookie's Fresh Pudding
Wizard Cookie's Cone of Ice Cream.jpg
Wizard Cookie's Cone of Ice Cream
Fairy Cookie's Green Tea Cake.jpg
Fairy Cookie's Green Tea Cake
Rockstar Cookie Guitar Pick.png
Rockstar Cookie's Guitar Pick
Cherry Cookie's Party Cupcake.png
Cherry Cookie's Party Cupcake
Carol Cookie's Christmas Tree Cookie.png
Carol Cookie's Christmas Tree Cookie
Snow Sugar Cookie's Snow Parfait.png
Snow Sugar Cookie's Snow Parfait
Pink Choco Cookie's Handmade Chocolate Set.png
Pink Choco Cookie's Handmade Chocolate Set
Pistachio Cookie Chalice.png
Pistachio Cookie's Chalice
Alchemist Cookie beaded brooch.png
Alchemist Cookie's Beaded Brooch
Vampire Cookie Rejuvenating Grape Juice.png
Vampire Cookie's Rejuvenating Grape Juice
Apple Cookie's Apple Hairpin.png
Apple Cookie's Apple Hairpin
Cheesecake Cookie's piece of cake.png
Cheesecake Cookie's Piece of Cake
Adventurer Cookie's Cinnamon Rope.png
Adventurer Cookie's Cinnamon Rope
Soda Cookie's Soda Wave
Tiger Jelly Flower Hairpin.png
Tiger Lily Cookie's Jelly Flower Hairpin
Fire Spirit Cookie's Flame Ball.png
Fire Spirit Cookie's Flame Ball
Blackberry Cookie's Blackberry Hat.png
Blackberry Cookie's Blackberry Hat
Kiwi Biker Cookie's Key.png
Kiwi Biker Cookie's Key
Werewolf Cookie's Precious Necklace.png
Werewolf Cookie's Precious Necklace
Cocoa Cookie's Marshmallow Hat.png
Cocoa Cookie's Marshmallow Hat
Mint Choco Cookie's Violin Case.png
Mint Choco Cookie's Violin Case
Super Tight Hair Tie.png
Muay Thai Cookie's Super Tight Hair Tie
Cream Puff Cookie's Creamy Hat.png
Cream Puff Cookie's Creamy Hat
Moonlight Cookie's Dream Bottle.png
Moonlight Cookie's Dream Bottle
Gumball Cookie's Gumball Grenade.png
Gumball Cookie's Gumball Grenade
Lemon Cookie's Lemon mp3 Player.png
Lemon Cookie's Lemon mp3 Player
Orange Cookie's Sports Bottle.png
Orange Cookie's Sports Bottle
Lime Cookie's Waterproof Mascara.png
Lime Cookie's Waterproof Mascara
Peppermint Cookie's Message in a Bottle.png
Peppermint Cookie's Message in a Bottle
Peach Cookie's Martial Arts Book.png
Peach Cookie's Martial Arts Book
General Jujube Cookie's Immaculate Comb.png
General Jujube Cookie's Immaculate Comb
Onion Cookie's Tear-full Pillow.png
Onion Cookie's Tear-full Pillow
Macaron Cookie's Puff Blusher.png
Macaron Cookie's Puff Blusher
Cinnamon Cookie's Card Case.png
Cinnamon Cookie's Card Case
Red Bean Cookie's Cozy Blankets.png
Red Bean Cookie's Cozy Blankets
Herb Cookie's Herb Seeds.png
Herb Cookie's Herb Seeds
White Choco Cookie's White Rose Bouquet.png
White Choco Cookie's White Rose Bouquet
Dino-Sour Cookie's Jelly Dinosaur Fossil.png
Dino-Sour Cookie's Jelly Dinosaur Fossil
Sea Fairy Cookie's Coral Shellfish Tray.png
Sea Fairy Cookie's Coral Shellfish Tray
Cotton Candy Cookie's Fall-in-Love Pen.png
Cotton Candy Cookie's Fall-in-Love Pen
Roll Cake Cookie's Mini Roll Goggles.png
Roll Cake Cookie's Mini Roll Goggles
Banana Cookie's Banana Baby Bottle.png
Banana Cookie's Banana Baby Bottle
Pancake Cookie's Mini Pancake Backpack.png
Pancake Cookie's Mini Pancake Backpack
Wind Archer's Arrow Feather of Life.png
Wind Archer's Arrow Feather of Life
GingerGhost's Sorrow.png
Ginger Ghost's Sorrow
Rare Gunpowder of Pirate's Bomb.png
Rare Gunpowder of Pirate's Bomb
Enchanted Locket's Locket.png
Enchanted Locket's Locket
Snow Blossom's Sparkling Crust.png
Snow Blossom's Sparkling Crust
Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco.png
Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco
Star Jelly from Glitter Ball.png
Star Jelly from Glitter Ball
AWOL Cracker's Headset.png
AWOL Cracker's Headset
Flame Bat's Eternal Flame.png
Flame Bat's Eternal Flame
Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar.png
Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar
Windy's Ice Candy.png
Windy's Ice Candy
Foxy Bead's Heart.png
Foxy Bead's Heart
A Page from Book of Wizdom.png
A Page from Book of Wizdom
Magic Pod's Fragile Petal.png
Magic Pod's Fragile Petal
Spotlight Vanilla Bulb.png
Spotlight Vanilla Bulb
Rocket Firecracker's Extra Tongue Gum.png
Rocket Firecracker's Extra Tongue Gum
Hefty Slice of Roll Cake.png
Hefty Slice of Roll Cake
Pink Candy Wrapping.png
Pink Candy Wrapping
Purple Candle Wax.png
Purple Candle Wax
Pistachio Firefly Shell.png
Pistachio Firefly's shell
Jelly Scale plate.png
Jelly-filled Jelly Scale plate
Coin Scale plate.png
Coin-filled Coin Scale plate
Wooden Barrel Tap.png
Oak Barrel Tap
Green Apple Rabbit's Parent Apple.png
Green Apple Rabbit's Parent Apple
Fluffy Cheese Cat's Hairball.png
Fluffy Cheese Cat's Hairball
Backpacky's Heart Key Ring.png
Backpacky's Heart Key Ring
Fresh Lemon Segment
Ghost Butler's Planner.png
Ghost Butler's Planner
Kiwi Bird's Chunk of Kiwi.png
Kiwi Bird's Chunk of Kiwi
PPB Yellow Seeds.png
Paprika Punching Bag's Yellow Seeds
Marshmallow Hamster's Chocolate Sunflower.png
Marshmallow Hamster's Chocolate Sunflower Seed
Ms. Do-Re-Mi's Brown Ribbon.png
Ms. Do-Re-Mi's Brown Ribbon
Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si's Top Hat.png
Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si's Top Hat
Owlcorn's Acorn Hat.png
Owlcorn's Acorn Hat
Mini Jackson No. 2's Colorful Screw.png
Mini Jackson No.2's Colorful Screw
Tea Cup's Cherry Blossom Teaspoon.png
Tea Cup's Cherry Blossom Teaspoon
Bean Drop Duo's Storming Bean Missiles.png
Bean Drop Duo's Storming Bean Missiles
Electro Lemon's Lemon Yellow LED.png
Electro Lemon's Lemon Yellow LED
Mini Orange Mouse's Orange Peel Wheel.png
Mini Orange Mouse's Orange Peel Wheel
White Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar.png
White Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar
Mr. Limeguard's Citrus Life Preserver.png
Mr. Limeguard's Citrus Life Preserver
Paper Boat Sailor's Origami Anchor.png
Paper Boat Sailor's Origami Anchor
Frozen Wave Drop's Precious Mini Coral.png
Frozen Wave Drop's Precious Mini Coral
Panda Dumpling's Fresh Bamboo Shoot.png
Panda Dumpling's Fresh Bamboo Shoot
Uncooling Teacup's Golden Jujube Tea Bag.png
Uncooling Teacup's Golden Jujube Tea Bag
Onion Fish's Onion Scale.png
Onion Fish's Onion Scale
Castanets' Metronome.png
Castanets' Metronome
Cinnamon Bunny's Cinnamon Stick.png
Cinnamon Bunny's Cinnamon Stick
Sweet Rice Seal's Canned Red Beans.png
Sweet Rice Seal's Canned Red Beans
Herb Teapot's Shower Head.png
Herb Teapot's Shower Head
Pocket Watch Referee's Old Watch Cover.png
Pocket Watch Referee's Old Watch Cover
Dino-Egg's X-Ray Photo.png
Dino-Egg's X-Ray Photo
Cotton Candy Birdie's Mail Bag.png
Cotton Candy Birdie's Mail Bag
Light Bros' Baby Bro Yellow.png
Light Bros' Baby Bro Yellow
Savannahna Lion's Fallen Tail.png
Savannahna Lion's Fallen Tail
Pancake Frisbee's Sticky Maple Syrup.png
Pancake Frisbee's Sticky Maple Syrup

Obtainable from Supreme Treasure Chest

Book of Action Secrets.png
Book of Action Secrets
500 Year Old Ginseng Root.png
500 Year Old Ginseng Root
Cookiebox 720 Controller.png
Cookiebox 720 Controller
Limited Edition Cookie Comics.png
Limited Edition Cookie Comics
1000 Year Old Red Ginseng.png
1000 Year Old Red Ginseng
Treasure Merchant's Safe box.png
Treasure Merchant's Safe
No.3 Glossy Pink Lipstick
Finally Discovered Wild Ginseng
Temptation No.9 Perfume
Rocky Hot Dog
Frozen Cracker
Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar
Ultra Power Rainbow Ginseng
Flame Bat Camping Lantern
Sour Note Jelly
Moon Rock
Mining Dynamite.png
Mining Dynamite
Antique Magic Pot
Bouncy Rainbow Rice Cake
Hermes Shoes.png
Lovely Lady's Lost Shoe
Honey Flavored Rice Skewers.png
Honey-dipped String Cheese
Magnetobuff Energy Drink.png
Magnetobuff Energy Drink
Heavenly Sweet Donut
Limited Edition Colorful Star Jelly Pendant
Magnetic Rainbow Drink.png
Magnetic Rainbow Drink
Princess Bee's Royal Jelly
Secret Admirer's Fresh Vegetable Juice.png
Secret Admirer's Fresh Vegetable Juice
Pick-Me-Up Wasabi Lip Balm
Yellow Bear Jelly Roll Cake.png
Yellow Bear Jelly Roll Cake
Cookie Energy Drink.png
Cookie Energy Drink
Simply Satisfying Rice Ball.png
Simply Satisfying Rice Ball
Chocolate Covered Workbook.png
Chocolate Covered Workbook
Wonder Donut.png
Wonder Donut
Golden Wreath.png
Golden Wreath
Choccy Russian Doll.png
Choccy Russian Doll
Magnetic Helmet.png
Demagnetizing Helmet
212px-Medi Cat.png
Medi Cat
Red Hot Chili Soda.png
Red Hot Chili Soda
Boatman's Dagger.png
Boatman's Dagger
Hefty Elephant's Money Box.png
Hefty Elephant's Money Box
Soda Flavored Ice Pop.png
Soda Flavored Ice Pop
Creamy Monster Muffin.png
Creamy Monster Muffin
Drenched Drink.png
Drenched Drink
Warm Cafe Latte.png
Warm Café Latte
Spankin' New Saddle.png
Spankin' New Saddle
Spotted Cow Protein Drink.png
Spotted Cow Protein Drink
Sweet Pretzel Donut.png
Sweet Pretzel Donut
Simply Superb Star Brooch.png
Simply Superb Star Brooch
Pink Bear Jelly Party Hat.png
Pink Bear Jelly Party Hat
Candy Roller Skates.png
Candy Roller Skates
Fluffy Kiwi Bread.png
Fluffy Kiwi Bread
Delicious Peanut Butter Sandwich.png
Delicious Peanut Butter Sandwich
Golden Energy Drink.png
Golden Energy Drink
Flaming Red Jellyco.png
Flaming Red Jellyco
Sweet Nightsky Crepe.png
Sweet Nightsky Crepe
Crescent Moonlight Mood Cocktail.png
Crescent Moonlight Mood Cocktail
Tip of the Ice Popsicle.png
Tip of the Ice Popsicle
Prosperity Bracelet of Earth.png
Prosperity Bracelet of Earth
Protection Ring of Fire.png
Protection Ring of Fire
Galloping Earring of Wind.png
Galloping Earring of Wind
Restoration Pendant of Water.png
Restoration Pendant of Water
Exhilarating AAA Battery Baton.png
Exhilarating AAA Battery Baton
Flavorful Butter Croissant.png
Flavorful Butter Croissant
Colorful Mini Gumball Missile.png
Colorful Mini Gumball Missile
Someone's Banana Peel.png
Someone's Banana Peel
5g Ankle Weights for Amateurs.png
5g Ankle Weights for Amateurs
Amateur's Baking Powder.png
Amateur's Baking Powder
Jelly Pogo Stick.png
Jelly Pogo Stick
Pink Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy.png
Pink Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy
Icy Creamy Popsicle.png
Icy Creamy Popsicle
Sparkling Water Drink.png
Sparkling Water Drink
Sweet Jujube Flower Rice Cake.png
Sweet Jujube Flower Rice Cake
Bamboo Scented Sticky Rice.png
Bamboo Scented Sticky Rice
Icy Glass Slippers.png
Icy Glass Slippers
Shiny Golden Nunchaku.png
Shiny Golden Nunchaku
Orange-Lime Smoothie.png
Orange-Lime Smoothie
Sweet Chocolate Eclair Baton.png
Sweet Chocolate Eclair Baton
Springy Pink Jelly Shoes.png
Springy Pink Jelly Shoes

Obtainable from Collecting Mystery Jewels

Compass Eternally Pointing to Coin Island.png
Compass Eternally Pointing to Coin Island
Sea Fairy's Crystallized Affection.png
Sea Fairy's Crystallized Affection

Obtainable in Tower of Frozen Waves

Icy Starlight Bellflower.png
Icy Starlight Bellflower
Golden Watering Tin.png
Golden Watering Tin
Icebound Golden Hammer.png
Icebound Golden Hammer
Icy Blade Skates.png
Icy Blade Skates

Power+ Treasures

Obtainable from upgrading Cookies and Pets

Prophet Cookie Majestic Beard.png
Prophet Cookie's Majestic Beard
Cherry Blossom Cookie's Cherry Blossom Jam Biscuit Bag.png
Cherry Blossom Cookie's Cherry Blossom Jam Biscuit Bag
Snow Globe's Crystal Crown.png
Snow Globe's Crystal Crown
King Choco Drop's Jelly Crown.png
King Choco Drop's Jelly Crown
Furball Pup's Doggy Biscuit.png
Furball Pup's Doggy Biscuit

Obtainable from Supreme Treasure Chest

Rare Sapphire Brooch.png
Rare Sapphire Brooch
Magic Sword Handle.png
Magic Sword Handle
Pink Bear Jelly Prototype.png
Pink Bear Jelly Prototype
Rare Crystal Clam.png
Rare Crystal Clam
Big crystal.PNG
Big Crystal Ore
Ultimate Racing Firecracker Set.png
Ultimate Racing Firecracker Set
Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock.png
Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock
Giant Crystal Ring.png
Giant Crystal Ring
Embraced Sacred Crystal Sword.png
Embraced Sacred Crystal Sword

Obtainable from Reaching Levels

Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy.png
Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy
Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy.png
Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy
Lv.70 Club Trophy.png
Lv.70 Club Trophy
Lv.80 Premium Club Trophy.png
Lv.80 Premium Club Trophy
Lv.90 VIP Club Trophy.png
Lv.90 VIP Club Trophy
Lv.100 Dream-Come-True Club Trophy.png
Lv.100 Dream-Come-True Club Trophy

Obtainable from Tower of Frozen Waves

Strangely Familiar Blue Necklace.png
Strangely Familiar Blue Necklace

A-grade Treasures

For the detailed list of each treasure’s effect, see List of Treasures/LINE/A-grade.

Equip Treasures

Obtainable from Upgrading Cookies and Pets

Princess Cookie's Ruby Ring.png
Princess Cookie's Ruby Ring
Knight Cookie's Lucky Horseshoe.png
Knight Cookie's Lucky Horseshoe
Coffee Cookie's Coffee Bean.png
Coffee Cookie's Coffee Bean
Boarder Cookie's Quick Wheels.png
Boarder Cookie's Quick Wheels
Zombie Cookie's Blood Cell.png
Zombie Cookie's Blood Cell
Muscle Cookie's Protein Powder.png
Muscle Cookie's Protein Powder
A Seed of Flowercopter.png
A Seed of Flowercopter
Lucky Dice's Lil' Bro.png
Lucky Dice's Lil' Bro
Skin of Dragon's Tail.png
Skin of Dragon's Tail
A Piece of Brain Gum.png
A Piece of Brain Gum
Wishing Star Dust.png
Wishing Star Dust
Luck-o'-Lantern's Pie Slice
Brown Balloon Brown Jelly
Cony Balloon Cony Jelly

Obtainable from Great Treasure Chest and Supreme Treasure Chest

Mystery Meteor Chip.png
Mystery Meteor Chip
Champion Chess Piece.png
Champion Chess Piece
Homemade Strawberry Jam.png
Homemade Strawberry Jam
Dark Choco Hair Gel.png
Dark Choco Hair Gel
Waterproof Superwatch.png
Waterproof Superwatch
Cookie Juice Bottle Cap.png
Cookie Juice Bottle Cap
Macaron Burger.png
Macaron Burger
Mythical Soft Hammer.png
Mythical Soft Hammer
Energizing Ice Cream.png
Energizing Ice Cream
Always Hungry Piggy Bank.png
Always Hungry Piggy Bank
Director's Clipboard.png
Director's Clapboard
Missing Party Pinata.png
Missing Party Pinata

Power+ Treasures

Obtainable from Upgrading Cookies and Pets

Santa Cookie's Gift Bag

Obtainable from Great Treasure Chest and Supreme Treasure Chest

Crystal Pearl Earring.png
Crystal Pearl Earring
Flaring Slice of Sun.png
Flaring Slice of Sun
Purple Ribbon Bow.png
Purple Ribbon Bow
Speedy Lollipop.png
Speedy Lollipop
Surreal Clock.png
Surreal Clock
Pumped up Pork Pie.png
Pumped up Pork Pie
Choco Dip Sticks.png
Choco Dip Sticks
Star Lamp.png
Star Lamp

Obtainable from Completing the Cookie Army

Cookies' 1st Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 1st Freedom Frame
Cookies' 2nd Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 2nd Freedom Frame
Cookies' 3rd Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 3rd Freedom Frame
Cookies' 4th Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 4th Freedom Frame
Cookies' 5th Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 5th Freedom Frame
Cookies' 6th Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 6th Freedom Frame
Cookies' 7th Freedom Frame.png
Cookies' 7th Freedom Frame

B-grade Treasures

For the detailed list of each treasure’s effect, see List of Treasures/LINE/B-grade.

Equip Treasures

Obtainable from Upgrading Cookies and Pets

Strawberry Cookie's Sweet Strawberry.png
Strawberry Cookie's Sweet Strawberry
Cloud Cookie's Rainbow Candy.png
Cloud Cookie's Rainbow Candy
Buttercream Choco Cookie's Butter.png
Buttercream Choco Cookie's Butter
Cream Cookie's Afternoon Snack.png
Cream Cookie's Afternoon Snack
Dust Unicorn's Warm Hat.png
Dust Unicorn's Warm Hat
Hat of Santa's Pom-Pom.png
Santa Hat's Pom-Pom
Electric Beat's Energy.png
Electric Beat's Energy
A Piece of Rare Garlic.png
A Piece of Rare Garlic
Cozy Yarn's Knitting Needles.png
Cozy Yarn's Knitting Needles
Mocha Delight's Whipped Cream.png
Mocha Delight's Whipped Cream
Witty Dumbbell's Sweat Drop.png
Witty Dumbbell's Sweat Drop

Obtainable from Good Treasure Chest and Great Treasure Chest

Deep Sea Murex Shell.png
Deep Sea Murex Shell
Smiling Carnival Mask.png
Smiling Carnival Mask
Famous ChocoChip Cookie.png
Famous Choco Chip Cookie
Empowering Vitamin C Pill.png
Empowering Vitamin C Pill
Nutritious Cranberry.png
Nutritious Cranberry
Hair Shine Gel.png
Gro-Back Cream
Kitty Paw Marshmallow.png
Kitty Paw Marshmallow
First Harvest Olive Oil.png
First Harvest Olive Oil

Power+ Treasures

Obtainable from Good Treasure Chest and Great Treasure Chest

Cookie First-Aid Kit.png
Cookie First-Aid Kit
Roof Whirligig.png
Roof Whirligig
Grilled Sausage.png
Grilled Sausage
Lucky 5-Leaf Clover.png
Lucky 5-Leaf Clover
Blue Dragon's Tooth.png
Blue Dragon's Tooth

C-grade Treasures

For the detailed list of each treasure’s effect, see List of Treasures/LINE/C-grade.

Equip Treasures

Obtainable from Upgrading Cookies and Pets

Brave Cookie's 3rd Skull Button.png
Brave Cookie's 3rd Skull Button
Bright Cookie's Lollipop Bite.png
Bright Cookie's Lollipop Bite
Drop of Choco's Choccy Chunk.png
Drop of Choco's Choccy Chunk
Cheeseberry's Smelly Cheese Slice.png
Cheeseberry's Smelly Cheese Slice
Double Bubble's Best Friend.png
Double Bubble's Best Friend
A Piece of Rainbow's End.png
A Piece of Rainbow's End
Forgotten Stocking's Patch.png
Forgotten Stocking's Patch

Obtainable from Good Treasure Chest

Just Baked Cracker.png
Just Baked Cracker
Mud Arrowhead.png
Mud Arrowhead
Sweet Red Cherry.png
Sweet Red Cherry
Witch's Spike.png
Witch's Spike
Good Year's Wheat Harvest.png
Good Year's Wheat Harvest
Always Cute Acorn.png
Always Cute Acorn
Organic Wheat Flour.png
Organic Wheat Flour
Roasted Fresh Peanut.png
Roasted Fresh Peanut
Hand of Liker's Good Thimble.png
Hand of Liker's Good Thimble[1]

Power+ Treasures

Obtainable from Good Treasure Chest and Great Treasure Chest

Healthy Carrot Snack.png
Healthy Carrot Snack
White Sugar Cube.png
White Sugar Cube
Pitted Pickled Olives.png
Pitted Pickled Olives
IQ enhancing Walnut.png
IQ enhancing Walnut
Big Head Mushroom.png
Big Head Mushroom

Treasures from Limited-Time Events

10 Million Champion Belt
Happy Rainbow Drop Bag.png
Happy Rainbow Drop
Halloween Witch's Hat
Wishing Lotus Flower S.png
Wishing Lotus Flower
LineGame 2nd Anniversary Coin.png
LINE GAME 2nd Anniversary Coin
Commemorative 4 Layer Cake
Reverse Valentine's Day Coin Candy.png
Reverse Valentine's Day Coin Candy
Mini Diamond Cookie Cutter.png
Mini Diamond Cookie Cutter
Brave Cookie's Water Gun.png
Brave Cookie's Water Gun
Dreaming Choco Donut of Life.png
Dreaming Choco Donut of Life
Gumball Cookie's Jawbreaker Gumball.png
Gumball Cookie's Jawbreaker Gumball
Summer 2015 Crystal Bingsoo.png
Summer 2015 Crystal Bingsoo
50 Million Commemorative Firecrackers.png
50 Million Commemorative Firecrackers
Lemon Cookie's Magic Cube Keychain.png
Lemon Cookie's Magic Cube Keychain
Mysterious Moon Lantern.png
Mysterious Moon Lantern
2015 Halloween Party Group Photo.png
2015 Halloween Party Group Photo
Hot Hot Sweet Potato.png
Hot Hot Sweet Potato
Snowman's Family Portrait.png
Snowman's Family Portrait
Ultimate Snowman Soldier Figurine.png
Ultimate Snowman Soldier Figurine
Valentine's Day Handmade Magic Chocolate.png
Valentine's Day Handmade Magic Chocolate
Somewhat Strange Handmade Magic Chocolate.png
Somewhat Strange Handmade Magic Chocolate
Mega Giant Rice Puff Cannon.png
Mega Giant Rice Puff Cannon
Carafe of Happiness.png
Carafe of Happiness
Cherry Choco Ice Cream Cake.png
Cherry Choco Ice Cream Cake
Trusty Golden Compass.png
Trusty Golden Compass
Savory Banana Choco Dessert.png
Savory Banana Choco Dessert
60M Celebration! Miraculous Magic Powder Hourglass.png
60M Celebration! Miraculous Magic Powder Hourglass
Shiny Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake.png
Shiny Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake

Treasures from Surprise Squirrel Shop

Squirrel's Magical Sand Bottle.png
Squirrel's Magical Sand Bottle
Squirrel's Seashell Necklace.png
Squirrel's Seashell Necklace
Squirrel's Refreshing Coconut Water.png
Squirrel's Refreshing Coconut Water
Squirrel Snowball.png
Squirrel Snowball
Jellyco the Red Nosed Reindeer.png
Jellyco the Red Nosed Reindeer
Christmas Supper Ham Cuisine.png
Christmas Supper Ham Cuisine
Coin Poinsettia Christmas Decoration.png
Coin Poinsettia Christmas Decoration
Splendid Jelly Light Bulbs.png
Splendid Jelly Light Bulbs

Treasures from Package Deals

Lavish Golden Lace Parasol.png
Lavish Golden Lace Parasol
Dreaming Strawberry Choco Donut.png
Dreaming Strawberry Choco Donut
Rich Rich Chocolate Gold Coin.png
Rich Rich Chocolate Gold Coin

Certificate Treasures

0M Certificate.png
Certificate of Playing the New World
1M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 1M Points Certificate
2M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 2M Points Certificate
3M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 3M Points Certificate
4M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 4M Points Certificate
5M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 5M Points Certificate
6M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 6M Points Certificate
7M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 7M Points Certificate
8M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 8M Points Certificate
9M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 9M Points Certificate
10M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 10M Points Certificate
20M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 20M Points Certificate
30M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 30M Points Certificate
40M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 40M Points Certificate
50M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 50M Points Certificate
60M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 60M Points Certificate
70M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 70M Points Certificate
80M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 80M Points Certificate
90M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 90M Points Certificate
100M Certificate.png
Cookie Run: 100M Points Certificate


  1. Hand of Liker’s Good Thimble is missing from the Treasure Book and remains unknown whether the treasure can be obtained in the present.