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Here are the list of Units available in CookieWars. Some Units have additional info for their skills; visit their pages for more details.

The list is sorted in the order of release date.

Units Rarity Basic Skill Special Skill Type
GingerBrave GingerBrave (CW) Common (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with his lollipop. Jumps and hits the enemy from above, causing great damage. Melee
GingerBright GingerBright CW Common (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with her lollipop. Jumps and hits the enemy 3 times, causing great damage. Melee
Biscuit Bunny Biscuit Bunny Common (Wars) Summons 3 adorable Biscuit Bunnies. N/A Melee
Jelly Frogs Jelly Frogs Common (Wars) Summons 3 melee Jelly Frogs. N/A Melee
Jelly Bees Jelly Bee Common (Wars) Summons 3 flying melee Jelly Bees. N/A Melee
Little Crystal Puddies Little Crystal Puddies Common (Wars) Summons 3 short-ranged Little Crystal Puddies. N/A Ranged
Marshmallow Tower Marshmallow Tower Common (Wars) Throws bombs at ground enemies causing area damage. N/A Ranged
Cloud Cookie Cloud Cookie (CW) Common (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with cane. Throws magical clouds at enemies that reduce the enemy's Damage. Support
Moon Rabbit Cookie Moon Rabbit Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Uses rice cake basket to attack enemies nearby. Dying, leaves a healing rice cake. Melee
Knight Cookie Knight Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with his sword. After a full spin, attacks nearby enemies from above. Melee
Muscle Cookie Muscle Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Punches nearby enemies. Pushes enemies, inflicting great damage. Melee
Strawberry Cookie Strawberry Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Attacks multiple enemies around her. N/A Melee
Hero Cookie Hero Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Caramel Syrup Suit-enhanced power kicks. N/A Melee
Biscuit Bunny Bunch Biscuit Bunny Bunch Rare (Wars) Summons 5 melee Biscuit Bunnies. N/A Melee
Jelly Bee Bunch Jelly Bee Bunch Rare (Wars) Summons 4 flying melee Jelly Bees. N/A Melee
Biscuit Monkey Biscuit Monkey Rare (Wars) Summons 3 Melee Biscuit Monkeys. N/A Melee
Biscuit Bunny House Biscuit Bunny House Rare (Wars) Summons Biscuit Bunnies at given intervals. N/A Melee
Fairy Cookie Fairy Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Attacks faraway ground and flying enemies with her magic wand. N/A Ranged
Cinnamon Cookie Cinnamon Cookie (CW) Rare (Wars) Throws Cards at faraway enemies. N/A Ranged
Cherry Cookie Cherry Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Throws small Cherry Bombs at faraway enemies and inflicts area damage. N/A Ranged
Ninja Cookie Ninja Cookie (CW) Rare (Wars) Throws shuriken to attack at faraway enemies. N/A Ranged
Big Crystal Puddies Big Crystal Puddies Rare (Wars) Summons 2 short-ranged Big Crystal Puddies. N/A Ranged
Candy Turret Candy Turret Rare (Wars) Rapidly shoots hard candies at ground enemies. N/A Ranged
Ice Cream Turret Ice Cream Turret Rare (Wars) Throws cold ice cream cones at flying enemies. N/A Ranged
Rockstar Cookie Rockstar Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Shoots music notes at faraway enemies. Boosts surrounding Cookies' Hit Speed with his music. Support
Coffee Cookie Coffee Cookie (CW) Rare (Wars) Attacks nearby enemy with her bag. Coffee aroma increases ally Cookies' Hit Speed and Damage. Support
Snow Sugar Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie CW Rare (Wars) Attacks only enemy structures. N/A Siege
Burning Caramel Burning Caramel Rare (Wars) Throws burning caramel, inflicting powerful damage on a small area. N/A Spell
Lightning Cloud Lightning Cloud Rare (Wars) Strikes enemies with lightning. N/A Spell
Roll Cake Log Roll Cake Log Rare (Wars) Rolls forward and inflicts damage on whatever comes in its way. N/A Spell
Pirate Cookie Pirate Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies using his hook. Revives as a ghost and distracts enemies for a short time. Melee
Skating Queen Cookie Skating Queen Cookie (CW) Epic (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies. Performs an epic jump and twirls into multiple enemies. Melee
Peach Cookie Peach Cookie (CW) Epic (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with her Bo-Staff. Summons a strong gust of wind using her Bo-Staff to pull enemies near her. Melee
Devil Cookie Devil Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with candy trident. Transforms into Super Devil and inflicts powerful area damage on the ground. Melee
Vampire Cookie Vampire Cookie (CW) Epic (Wars) Attack nearby enemies with his cape. N/A Melee
Pancake Cookie Pancake Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Can fly anywhere on the battlefield to perform melee attack. N/A Melee
Saber-nosed Bees Saber-nosed Bees Epic (Wars) Summons mighty flying Saber-nosed Bees that attack ground units. N/A Melee
Orange Cookie Orange Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Throws orange tennis balls at faraway enemies. Smashes up to 3 enemies. Ranged
Wizard Cookie Wizard Cookie (CW) Epic (Wars) Uses lightning magic to attack nearby enemies. Creates a magic circle and to attack multiple enemies. Ranged
Angel Cookie Angel Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Flies and attacks faraway enemies. Heals nearby units after summoning and death. Ranged
Blackberry Cookie Blackberry Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Sends ghosts to attack flying and ground enemies. Sends ghosts that scare enemies. Ranged
Gumball Cookie Gumball Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Shoots colorful gumballs at enemies, causing area damage. N/A Ranged
Apple Cookie Apple Cookie (CW) Epic (Wars) Floats in the air and blows bubbles containing apple bombs. N/A Ranged
Space Doughnut Space Doughnut (CW) Epic (Wars) Shoots Doughnut Beam and attacks faraway enemies. Rolls into enemies, causing damage. Ranged
Crystal Puddy Cave Crystal Puddy Cave Epic (Wars) Summon Big Crystal Puddy at given intervals. N/A Ranged
Cotton Candy Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Attacks by throwing shiny letters at faraway enemies. Sends hearts to lure enemies for a short period of time. Support
Onion Cookie Onion Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Throws purple onion at faraway enemies. Slows down enemy Hit Speed at given intervals. Support
Mana Jam Mana Jam Epic (Wars) Produces 1 mana at given intervals. N/A Support
Kumiho Cookie Kumiho Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Transforms into a cute fox and attacks enemy structures. N/A Siege
Cherry Blossom Cookie Cherry Blossom Cookie CW Epic (Wars) Opens her umbrella and flies in the air to drop teapots down on enemy structures. N/A Siege
Sugar Golem Sugar Golem Epic (Wars) Summons 1 siege Sugar Golem. It is slow, yet tough. N/A Siege
Candy Cannon Candy Cannon Epic (Wars) Shoots candy cannonballs, causing great damage. N/A Siege
Sugar Blizzard Sugar Blizzard Epic (Wars) Freezes enemies, preventing movement and attacking. N/A Spell
Soda Swamp Soda Swamp Epic (Wars) Creates a poisonous swamp, inflicting continual damage to enemies within range. N/A Spell
Healing Breeze Healing Breeze Epic (Wars) Summons a healing breeze to heal allies within range. N/A Spell
Royal Knight Cookie Royal Knight Cookie Mythic (Wars) Quickly pierces the enemy twice. Charges and inflicts great damage at given intervals. Melee
Champion Muscle Cookie Champion Muscle Cookie Mythic (Wars) Punches nearby enemies. Lifts enemies from the ground and throws them, inflicting great damage. Melee
Wild Strawberry Cookie Wild Strawberry Cookie Mythic (Wars) Uses strawberry staff and attacks multiple enemies. N/A Melee
White Rabbit Cookie White Rabbit Cookie Mythic (Wars) Smashes nearby enemies. Makes the enemy attack White Rabbit Cookie and reduces the enemy's damage. Melee
Wind Archer Cookie Wind Archer Cookie CW Mythic (Wars) Shoots arrows of Light to attack faraway enemies. Shoots 3 powerful arrows, attacking up to 3 enemies at once. Ranged
Sea Fairy Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie CW Mythic (Wars) Throws ice crystals at faraway enemies. Sends giant waves, causing damage to multiple enemies. Ranged
Bunny Boy Cinnamon Cookie Bunny Boy Cinnamon Cookie Mythic (Wars) Sends white doves to attack enemies within range. Cinnamon Cookie's rabbit friend pops out of the hat and attacks faraway ground enemies. Ranged
Big Bomb Cherry Cookie Big Bomb Cherry Cookie Mythic (Wars) Throws a giant bomb that breaks down into smaller bombs, causing multiple explosions. N/A Ranged
Moonlight Cookie Moonlight Cookie (CW) Mythic (Wars) Flies on the moon and attacks with small sparkling stars. Summons a luminous star to inflict area damage. Ranged
Forest Queen Fairy Cookie Forest Queen Fairy Cookie Mythic (Wars) Attacks faraway enemies with her magic wand. Summons 2 Chewy Jelly Frogs. Ranged
Fire Spirit Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie CW Mythic (Wars) Throws small fireballs at faraway enemies. Uses his cane to spread fire on the ground. Ranged
Red Fox Kumiho Cookie Red Fox Kumiho Cookie Mythic (Wars) Transforms into a red fox and attacks enemy structures. N/A Siege
Earthquake Earthquake Mythic (Wars) Causes an earthquake and temporarily stuns enemies within range. N/A Spell
Strategist Jujube Cookie Strategist Jujube Cookie Mythic (Wars) Attacks several nearby enemies with his glaive. Collects the Qi energy within his glaive to push nearby enemies away. Melee
Mangosteen Ocelot Mangosteen Ocelot Mythic (Wars) Summons 1 melee Mangosteen Ocelot and 5 Mangosteen Kittens. N/A Melee
Energy Drink Cookie Energy Drink Cookie Mythic (Wars) Splashes the Energy Drink, dealing damage to nearby enemies. After the Cookie's death, Energy Drink tank explodes dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. Melee
Tiger Lily Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie CW Mythic (Wars) Throws her spear to attack faraway enemies. Pounces to enemies anywhere on the battlefield on her Butter Tiger, dealing area damage. Ranged
Moonlight Lantern Moonlight Lantern Mythic (Wars) Summons 3 melee Moonlight Lanterns. Revives as a melee Ghostlight Bulb on death. Melee
Joyful GingerBrave Joyful GingerBrave Epic (Wars) Attacks nearby enemies with his candy cane. Jumps and hits the enemy 3 times, causing great damage. Melee
Macaron Cookie Macaron Cookie (CW) Epic (Wars) Elephant Macarons charge at enemy structures. Larger, more powerful Fox Macarons attack faraway enemy structures. Siege
Drummer Doll Macaron Cookie Drummer Doll Macaron Cookie Mythic (Wars) Emits sound waves at enemies within range. Summons 3 melee Mini Macarons at given intervals. Melee
Dr. Wasabi's Prototype Syrup Dr. Wasabi's Prototype Syrup Mythic (Wars) Heals Units in a selected area and buffs their Speed, Hit Speed, and Damage for a short duration. N/A Spell