Loading Tip

An example of a loading tip.

Here are a compilation of tips found during the loading screen before you play the game.


Cookies and PetsEdit

  • Upgrade Cookies for a higher Energy level.
  • A special Cookie & Pet combination will trigger a special Combi Bonus.
  • Mint Choco Cookie and Rockstar Cookie plays their own tune while running.
  • Did you know that Prophet Cookie's prophets come from his beard? His crystal ball has nothing to do with it!
  • You can earn Cookies' Freedom Frame Treasure after collecting certain number of Cookies.
  • Collect special Cookie Treasure when you upgrade them to MAX Level (8).
  • Pets that have reached MAX level (8) will not be hatched.

Treasures, Evolve Treasures, and IngredientsEdit

  • Evolve Treasures for a much stronger effect.
  • Use Mystic Gems to bless your evolved Treasures.
  • Treasures with reviving effect will help you revive when your Energy run out.
  • Treasures with Magnetics effect will attract Jellies for an easier gameplay.
  • Treasures with lifting effect will help you when you fall in holes.
  • You can upgrade Treasures using Coins and/or Crystals.
  • You can use Magic Powder to create Ingredients.
  • You can extract Magic Powder from Treasures and Ingredients.
  • You can extract Mystic Gems in S Rank Treasures.
  • Ingredients can be found in Mystery Boxes, Medal Exchange Center, Fortune Dough and Events.
  • Ingredients acquired through gameplay can be found in the My Ingredients.


  • Upgrade regular Jellies for more points.
  • Winged Jellies are not attracted by Magnetic effects.
  • Dark Moon Jelly will give you many points, but they cannot be attracted by Magnetic effect.


Mystery JewelsEdit

  • You can receive a special reward with the Mystery Jewels acquired from Mystery Boxes.
  • Drop of Choco Pet can be acquired by collecting Mystery Jewels in Escape from the Oven.
  • Tiger Lily Cookie can be acquired by collecting Mystery Jewels in Primeval Jungle.
  • Fire Spirit Cookie can be acquired by collecting Mystery Jewels in Dragon's Valley.
  • Moonlight Cookie can be acquired by collecting Mystery Jewels in City of Wizards.
  • Collect Mystery Jewels in Dessert Paradise and unlock Wind Archer Cookie.


  • Weekly Friend Ranking ends every Sunday 9 p.m. (GMT+9)
  • Leagues start twice a week: Thursday and Sunday 9 p.m. (GMT+9)
  • In the Friends section, you can find out your friends' high score and best combi.
  • Your current League depends on your previous League results.
  • Your game score will be used to place you in both League and Friend Ranking.
  • You cannot receive rewards if you do not participate in a League.
  • Trade your Medals for cool items in the Medal Exchange Center.
  • If you advance rank for two consecutive Leagues, you will advance 2 ranks at once on the third advance. (excluding King, Legend and God)

Fortune DoughsEdit

  • Bake Fortune Doughs for random rewards.
  • Fortune Doughs can be earned through Events and Tower of Frozen Waves Mission.
  • Once your Fortune Dough tray is full, the remaining will be kept in the Mail Box.


  • If you do not accept the rewards within time, it will disappear.
  • Daily Bonus is located in the upper side of the Mail Box.


  • Upgrade Energy to run longer.
  • Use Energy Boost to run longer.
  • Did you know that you can save your favorite Cookie+Pet+Treasure combinations?
  • For a special map, go to Bonus Time when you have very little Energy left.
  • Game Bar

    The bar that shows where you are in the game, accompanied by a Cookie as seen on the right.

    During gameplay, you can see where you are in the upper left bar.
  • You can get 50% discount on Random Boost after the first purchase.
  • Cookie's Warm Hearts can be acquired through Mystery Boxes.
  • Sea Fairy Cookie will be awoken once you have enough Cookie's Warm Hearts.
  • You can acquire Cookie, Pet, Coins and Boost Jellies by opening Gifts.
  • Check out the Low Spec Setting for a lighter game.
  • You can flip Jump/Slide Buttons on the Setting.
  • The more stars an Episode has, the more difficult it is.
  • You can switch Episodes through the Episode Map.

Special Episode OnlyEdit


  • You can trade Lives for Keys (up to 5 a day).

Ghost Pirate's Island of CoinsEdit

  • You can collect many, many Coins in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins. But watch out, there are special rules.
  • Cookie Skills are blocked in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins.

Tower of Frozen WavesEdit

  • Collect 300 Frozen Stars to receive Frozen Wave Drop Pet.
  • You can see the distance between the Frozen Gate and yourself in the upper left bar.
  • For floors that you have already cleared, you can play again by touching the FL.
  • Jellyco Missiles freeze in floors 51-100. Too cold!