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Croissant Cookie in the Lobby.

The Lobby or Main Lobby is the main menu of Cookie Run: OvenBreak. The two most important sub-menus, the Play menu and the Cookies menu, are accessed from the Lobby, as well as other important menus like the Gacha, Friends list, and Mailbox. The OvenPass, Royal Club, and new packages are advertised on the Lobby screen. In addition to being the main menu, the Lobby has a secondary purpose of displaying a chosen Cookie, who can give daily gifts to the player and receive daily gifts to raise their Affection. Alternate designs for the Lobby which change the visuals and music can be received from some Events.

Lobby Rewards

Main article: List of Preferred Lobby Gifts

A Cookie of the player's choosing is displayed in the center of the Lobby. Once per day, the Cookie will give a gift of some currency to the player, which varies by Cookie. Each Cookie gives Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Magic Powder, or Coins. If the Cookie has over 600 Affection, they will give more of the currency. A low Affection Cookie will give 50 CookieRunCrystal.png, 10 Rainbow Cube.png, 250 OvenBreak Magic Powder.png, or 50,000 Coin 001.png, which can be increased to 60 CookieRunCrystal.png, 12 Rainbow Cube.png, 300 OvenBreak Magic Powder.png, or 60,000 Coin 001.png.

A Cookie in the Lobby can be tapped to talk to them, which displays special dialogue and raises their Affection by 2 for the first three taps of the day. The taps can be split among different Cookies. A Magic Ingredient gift can be given to the Cookie once per day, which also increases their Affection. Each Cookie has at least one liked item and one disliked item, which are hinted at with dialogue shown if they have over 400 Affection. A liked item will raise their Affection by 15, while a disliked item will not raise it at all. Items the Cookie is neutral towards will raise their Affection by 5. Some Costumes, primarily Epic and Super Epic ones, change the Cookie's likes and dislikes. Almost every Cookie with Magic Candy like their unique Ingredient as well, and the Royal Golden Dough received from the Royal Club and some E-rank items like the Anniversary Cake are liked by all Cookies. Royal Club members can give three gifts per day, and receive triple affection from talking.

Once a Cookie reaches maximum Affection, they will give the player their unique Basic Jelly skin from the Lobby.

Lobby Designs

By default, the Lobby background is The Witch's Kitchen. Other designs for the Lobby can be obtained from Events or other means, and once new designs are obtained, the design can be changed from the ... menu where the Lobby Cookie is changed. Lobby designs change the background graphics as well as music. Some Lobby designs have an element that can be tapped for a visual effect, such as lights that can be turned on and off. All differences between Lobby designs are cosmetic. The first new Lobby design, Walnut Cookie's Detective Office, and the ability to change between designs were introduced on September 4th, 2019.

Lobby Unlock Requirements

Lobby Unlock Requirement
The Witch's Kitchen Unlocked from start
Walnut Cookie's Detective Office Obtain 70 testimonies in Chapter 1 or 30 testimonies in Chapter 2 in Cookie Detective: Solve the Mystery
Happy Cookie Party Complete all event stages in 3rd Anniversary: Happy Cookie Festival!
Royal Relaxation Have a Royal Club Membership subscription for at least 6 months
The Witch's Holiday Kitchen Complete decorating the tree in Decorate the Festive Tree!
Ornate Wizard's Table Completer Conjurer's Cookbook Tome or buy with 3,000 Rainbow Cube.png (if picked the other tomb) in The City of Wizards: The Wizard Archives
Mystical Wizard's Desk Completer Historia Magika Tome or buy with 3,000 Rainbow Cube.png (if picked the other tomb) in The City of Wizards: The Wizard Archives
Dreamy CookieLand Reach 150 pts on the Memories Gauge in Chapter 2 of Dreamy CookieLand!
Martial Arts Tournament Obtain 30 Emblems in Story Mode in Way of the Cookie
Moonlit Tower of Frozen Waves Complete the 10th Floor in Tower of Frozen Waves (OvenBreak)
Beyond the Abyss Obtain Sea Fairy Cookie's Dread Trident of the Abyss costume
Sunny Soda Beach Buy with 1,000 Sugar Clams from Custom Runs special event shop
Cheddar Mine Appraisals Post Buy with 3,000 Cheese Stones from Spelunking Expeditions event shop
Timeless Ballroom Complete all chapters in 4th Anniversary Event: Operation Timeguard!
Popping Neon Year's End Concert Buy with 3,000 Friendship Medals from Friendly Run in the Dazzling Year's End Party update
Grandmaster Hotel Buy with 1000 Match Coins from the Survival Run Exchange in the Dangerous Exchange update
Hall of Ancient Heroes Log into Cookie Run: OvenBreak and Cookie Run: Kingdom using the same DevPlay account (Must reach Kingdom Lv. 5 in the latter game)
Radiance of Galaxy Lake Obtain Wind Archer Cookie's Zephyr of Life costume
Tickling Spring Breeze Buy with 1,200 Sugar Blossoms from Custom Runs spring season event shop
Pudding Cup Big Top Get 150 points in the Pudding Cup Circus event
Royal Treasure Trove Have a Royal Club Membership subscription for at least 36 months
Throne of Perpetual Chaos and Darkness Obtain Dark Enchantress Cookie’s Chaos Incarnate costume
Serene Pantheon of Starlight Obtain from Battle Runs event
Happy Rainbow Dreamland Buy with 1,200 Sugar Cartridges from Custom Runs aspiring dreams season event shop
Hors d'Oeuvre Museum Gala Obtain 35 testimonies in Chapter 2 in Cookie Detective: The Butter Painting Affair
Jelly Serpent Temple’s Guards Buy with 3,000 Diary Gems in Yogurt Dunes Escapade update diary shop
Midsummer Festival Dreams Buy with 1,500 Sugar Clams from Custom Runs summer season event shop
Fragrant Lotus Paradise Buy with 3,000 Diary Gems in Tales of the Wishing Lotus update diary shop

Before the Grand Cookie Party

The Lobby in Season 3.

The current Lobby system of talking to a single Cookie who gives and receives gifts was added in the 2nd Anniversary Grand Cookie Party update on October 24th, 2018. Before this, there were two earlier designs for the Lobby. The Lobby was first added on August 30th, 2017 during the Season 2 update, as this was the first time a game mode besides Trophy Race was playable. The original Lobby allowed displaying more than one Cookie, who used their loading screen graphics, similar to how the Guild Lobby looks. Cookies could be displayed in Costumes, and the same Cookie could be shown in multiple spots. In the Season 3 update, the Lobby was modified to have the Cookies use their running graphics on a new background. Previously, Free Chests could be opened on a four hour timer from the Lobby, which gave a small amount of Common and Rare Cookies or Pets, even less than a Cookie Chest, with a low chance of Epic units. Free Chests were replaced with the daily Currency reward, and chests using the same design are rewarded from GingerBrave's Trial and Hero Cookie's Trial as part of the Tutorial.


  • August 30, 2017
    • Lobby added.
  • April 28, 2018
    • Lobby Renewed.
  • October 24, 2018
    • Lobby Renewed.
    • Only one Cookie can be placed in the Lobby.
    • Gifts and Daily rewards added.
  • February 26, 2019
    • Lobby Renewed.
    • Trophy Race, Champions League, Island of Memories, Cookie Trials, and Friendly Run are now accessible by tapping on the CHALLENGES button.
    • Mailbox, Friends, Gacha, Package Shop, Costume Shop, and Magic Laboratory were added to the side menu.
    • Some of the buttons were removed.
  • May 29, 2019
    • Changes to the Main Lobby UI.
    • Breakout and Challenges buttons combined into Play button.
  • August 27, 2019
    • Lobby Customization added.
    • The initial "Greet, Compliment, Chat" buttons used to increase Affection have been removed.
    • After providing the daily limit of gifts to your Cookies, the "Gift" button will be hidden from the Main Lobby.
    • The button to view Cookie Relationship Charts has been removed from the Main Lobby.
  • May 27, 2020
    • Lobbies that can change will stay the way you selected instead of resetting each time you quit the Lobby.
  • September 27, 2020
    • You can now change the pose of Cookies placed in the Main Lobby with the "Change Pose" from the Change/Details menu.
  • November 26, 2020
    • You can now change the music of the lobby from the Change menu.
    • Added a new "Photo Mode" where you can see the menu without the UI.



An in-development image showing the Lobby with the plate absent.

  • The plate in the default Lobby was planned to be removed in the February 26th, 2019 Lobby redraw, but was left in after complaints that the new design felt empty.
  • Wind Archer Cookie is the only Cookie with a Magic Candy who does not like his special Magic Candy Ingredient.
  • Dark Choco Cookie and Wind Archer Cookie as the Night Raven are also the only Cookies who dislike multiple Magic Ingredients.
  • Millennial Tree Cookie is the only Cookie without a Magic Candy who likes more than one Magic Ingredient.
  • No Cookie released after Hello Kitty and Mimmy on November 28th, 2018 gives out Coins, and no Cookie released after Marshmallow Cookie on December 19th, 2018 gives out Magic Powder. This is likely because Coins and Magic Powder are much easier to get than Crystals and Rainbow Cubes.