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Magic Candies are items that can be created to enhance a Cookie’s ability. The enhancement typically ranges from improving the existing ability to adding an entirely new ability. They are available for most Cookies, but not all of them.


Magic Candies are created in the Magic Laboratory or in the corresponding Cookie’s detail menu. Special Candy ingredients are usually obtained from that Cookie’s Cookie Trial if they have one, including the Legendary Cookies' Special Candy ingredients. Special Candy ingredients, excluding those of Wind Archer Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, and Fire Spirit Cookie can also be bought with Crystals and Magic Powder. For Common, Rare and Epic Cookies, Magic Candy creation also has a chance to fail for all level past the initial level. When creation fails, a very small amount of Sugar Crystals are refunded. Legendary Magic Candies cannot fail. Below is a table displaying the required ingredients to make each level of Magic Candy.

Common/Rare/Epic Magic Candy
Level Sugar Crystals Solid Sugar Crystals Special Ingredient Coins
1 50 5 15 Coin 001.png99.000
2 10 1 3 Coin 001.png39,000
3 10 1 5 Coin 001.png49,000
4 15 2 7 Coin 001.png59,000
5 20 2 10 Coin 001.png79,000
Legendary Magic Candy
Level Solid Sugar Crystals Shiny Sugar Crystals Special Ingredient (Lesser) Millennial Tree Tears/


Tree Fruit

Light of Life Coins[1]
1 5 2 2 2 1 Coin 001.png99,000
2 10 4 2 2 1 Coin 001.png199,000
3 15 6 4 4 2 Coin 001.png299,000
4 20 8 4 4 2 Coin 001.png399,000
5 25 10 6 6 3 Coin 001.png499,000
  1. Plus 300,000 Coins to craft each S-Rank Ingredient.


The use of a Magic Candy is to improve the Cookie. Magic Candies allow for better scoring, making a Cookie much better for modes like Breakout or Trophy Race. It is advised to try and get a well-scoring Cookie’s Magic Candy to further enhance the Cookie’s scoring ability.


Magic Candies can be Blessed using Blessing Tickets, Special Blessing Tickets, Coins or Crystals. These Blessings add an additional effect to the Magic Candy, such as extra points for certain jellies or adding extra jumps. These effects differ between Cookies, with each being able to have four sets. For example, Fig Cookie can receive bonus points for Pink Bear Jellies or Basic Jellies, extra destruction points, or a protective shield. This can be checked using the information button next to the current Blessing's text. Blessing Tickets and Special Blessing Tickets can be obtained via the Magic Laboratory or from events.

Below is a table displaying all possible Blessings and tiers.


Bonus Points for all Bear Jellies

Bonus Points for Yellow Bear Jellies Bonus Points for Pink Bear Jellies Bonus Points for Basic Jellies Extra Destruction Points Rescue from holes Protective Shield Extra Jumps
1 10-50 20-80 50-200 20-80 300-800 - - -
2 80-130 100-300 300-500 200-350 1300-1600 1 1 1
3 200-250 400-600 600-800 500-700 2300-2700 2 2 2
4 350-400 900-1050 1000-1200 900-100 3300-3700 - - -


  • New Epic Cookies, as of Cherry Blossom Cookie's release, always release with a Magic Candy and Cookie Trial.
  • New Cookies are also typically released with a corresponding event or Daily Gift set that provide the ingredients for a Lv. 1 Magic Candy.