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Various Magic Ingredients.

Magic Ingredients are supplies used in the Magic Laboratory in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. Magic Ingredients are used in crafting consumable items, currencies, and Magic Candy. Each Ingredient is ranked from C to S based on rarity, with Event-exclusive items using a special E-rank. Most Magic Ingredients can be bought with Crystals or Magic Powder.

Obtaining Magic Ingredients

The primary means of obtaining Magic Ingredients is Magic Ingredient Pouches, which spawn during runs and give random rewards. If specific Ingredients are wanted, they can be bought at the Magic Laboratory. Ingredients for Magic Candies, including Sugar Crystals and the unique special ingredients of Cookies, can be bought with either Crystals or Magic Powder. S-Rank or E-Rank Ingredients, or certain A-Rank Ingredients used in Legendary Cookies' Magic Candies, can not be bought. All other Ingredients can only be bought with Magic Powder.

The Guild Shop also sells Magic Ingredients, including S-Rank ones. Fading Embers and Crystalized Essences of Night are always available, and other Ingredients appear randomly. Cookie Trials give Magic Ingredients for the featured Cookie's Magic Candy in both Rank Rewards and Bonus Missions, and the same Ingredients are also given in Events around the time of a Cookie's release.

Magic Ingredient Pouches

Magic Ingredient Pouches slowly fly on screen during runs. Magic Ingredient Pouches appear based on run length, and with a long enough run, three pouches are guaranteed to appear. As they are winged, many magnetic abilities will not collect them, so the Cookie has to make sure to touch the pouch. Magic Ingredient Pouches move rightwards, but move slower than Cookies, so if one is missed, falling in a hole, calling a relay, or other means of temporarily stopping the Cookie will allow for a second chance at grabbing it.

The contents of a pouch depend on what game mode it was found in and its rarity, and are unknown until after the run. There are four rarities of Magic Ingredient Pouches, excluding Event pouches: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Rainbow. Bronze pouches will contain one B-Rank Ingredient or one C-Rank Ingredient. Silver pouches will contain one to two B-Rank Ingredients or three C-Rank Ingredients. Gold pouches will contain one A-Rank Ingredient or one to two B-Rank Ingredients. Finally, Rainbow pouches will contain one S-Rank Ingredient or one to three A-Rank Ingredients. Each Magic Ingredient has specific game modes where it can appear, which can be seen in the Magic Laboratory. For example, Blessing Powder only appears in Magic Ingredient Pouches in Trophy Race, and because it is a B-Rank Ingredient, it can appear in Bronze, Silver, or Gold Pouches in that mode.

Using Magic Ingredients

All Magic Ingredients are used at the Magic Laboratory. In conjunction with one or two other Ingredients and a Coin payment, a variety of items can be crafted. Magic Candies can also be crafted directly from a Cookie's menu page. If unwanted Ingredients are owned, Magic Powder can be extracted from them, but for much less Powder than the cost to buy them.

Magic Ingredients can be given to Cookies in the Lobby to raise their Affection. Each Cookie has at least one liked item and one disliked item. A liked item will raise their Affection by 15, while a disliked item will not raise it at all. Items the Cookie is neutral towards will raise their Affection by 5. Some Costumes change the Cookie's likes and dislikes.

List of Magic Ingredients