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The Medal Exchange Center, sometimes referred to as just the Medal Exchange, is a shop in Cookie Run: OvenBreak where Champions Medals earned in the Champions League can be redeemed for rewards.

The Medal Exchange is accessible from the Champions League as well as the last land in Trophy Race, currently Land's End. This allows it to be used when the Champions League is inaccessible between seasons. Players who have not reached the final normal land cannot access the Medal Exchange Center, which is not a problem, as it is impossible for them to have any Champions Medals to trade.

The Legendary Cookies Wind Archer Cookie and Moonlight Cookie can be bought here. Their price will double each time the same Cookie is purchased during the same Champions League Sub-Season, up to a maximum of three times. Neither Cookie is available in the Breakout Shop, so the Medal Exchange is the only place to buy them without using Mileage. Two Super Epic Costumes, one for each of them, are exclusively sold here. There is also a limited Jelly Set in the Medal Exchange, themed around the current Champions League Big Season, that changes after every Grand Champions League. The Basic Jellies in these sets are not purchasable, instead they are earned from reaching enough Affection with the themed Cookie. Like the Breakout Shop and Guild Shop, these special items are accompanied by general items that refresh daily. The general items include a random Rare Treasure and some currencies. Before the addition of skins for Rainbow Bear Jellies and Frozen Bear Jellies, Epic Cookies and Pets were also sold here.

Items Available

Item Price Reset Time
Wind Archer Cookie.pngWind Archer Cookie Champions Medal.png1000/2000/4000 12 days
Moonlight Cookie.pngMoonlight Cookie Champions Medal.png1000/2000/4000
Timekeeper Cookie.pngTimekeeper Cookie Champions Medal.png1000/2000/4000
Milky Way.png Moonlight Cookie's Milky Way Champions Medal.png4000
Guardian of the Millennial Tree.png Guardian of the Millennial Tree Champions Medal.png4000
Yellow Bear Jelly.png Yellow Bear Jelly skin Champions Medal.png800
Pink Bear Jelly.png Pink Bear Jelly skin Champions Medal.png800
Jelly bearice.png Frozen Bear Jelly skin Champions Medal.png1,000
Giant Yellow Bear Jelly.png Giant Yellow Bear Jelly skin Champions Medal.png1,500
Rainbow Bear Jelly.png Rainbow Bear Jelly skin Champions Medal.png2,000
Icon treasure frameRare.png Random Rare Treasure Champions Medal.png200 24 hours
OvenBreak Magic Powder.png Magic Powder x300 Champions Medal.png200
Coins.png Coins x100,000 Champions Medal.png200


  • April 10, 2017
    • Medal Exchange Center added.
    • 'Champions Trophies' are now 'Champions Medals'
  • June 19, 2017
    • Moonlight Cookie's Milky Way costume added.
  • April 22, 2018
    • Moonlight Cookie's Milky Way costume removed from the Medal Exchange Center.
    • Wind Archer Cookie's Guardian of the Millennial Tree added.
  • October 25 2018
    • Medal Exchange now sells Jelly Shapes.
  • February 26, 2019
    • Moonlight Cookie's Milky Way costume re-added to the Medal Exchange Center.
  • July 8, 2020
    • Rainbow Bear Jelly and Frozen Bear Jelly skins added.
    • Prices of Jelly skins decreased.
    • Epic Cookies and Pets removed from the Medal Exchange Center.