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Quote1 Close your eyes and listen to the leaves... Quote2
―Millennial Tree Cookie

Millennial Tree Cookie is a Legendary Cookie released on October 8th, 2018. He has the ability to summon a Circle of Time to shoot Purifying Beams, destroying obstacles and creating jellies.


Summons the Circle of Time at given intervals. While the Circle is active, collect Time Crystal Jellies to shoot the Purifying Beam. The Beam destroys obstacles, leaving Reflection Jellies. Level Up to summon the Circle of Time more frequently and earn more points for Reflection Jellies. The Cookie's Energy drains slower while the Circle of Time is active.


Deep inside a secret grove, there was a majestic ancient tree. Its roots went deep inside the ground and far to the very corners of the world. When the scarlet curse devoured the grove, the tree sealed itself in a magical slumber to resist the dark sorcery. With the help of the Cookies, Millennial Tree Cookie's silence was finally broken. Once again he is ready to vanquish the Darkness and make the world a blooming garden it once used to be...


Millennial Tree Cookie is incredibly good, even at the lowest level. As his ability slows down Energy drain, he can last for appallingly long amounts of time, as well as score high points. Certainly a force to be reckoned with.

His Time Crystal Jellies can be vaguely delayed to go off later by intentionally avoiding them, but taking too long can cause the player to time out and miss a usage of the skill, so be careful.


Level Energy Skill Coin Cost Reward
1 280 Circle of Time Lv.1 N/A N/A
2 290 Circle of Time Lv.2 Coin 001 160,000 Escape Level 500
3 305 Circle of Time Lv.3 Coin 001 400,000 Escape Level 1,000
4 320 Circle of Time Lv.4 Coin 001 800,000 Escape Level 2,000
5 335 Circle of Time Lv.5 Coin 001 1,600,000 Escape Level 4,000

Loading Messages


  • My faithful wind guards me.
  • Close your eyes and listen to the leaves...
  • Young Cookies seem to be very fond of running...
  • Listen to the whispering of the forest.
  • I have awoken from my slumber...
  • Oh, running is quite delightful indeed!
  • My roots spread far.
  • I remember the day this land was born!
  • Darkness is but a drop in the ocean of Time...
  • I shall do what I must!
  • The world shall bloom once again!


  • Only a moment...


Daily Gift


  • Fate has brought another new meeting.
  • Welcome. I've prepared a spot for you.


  • The Forest welcomes you.
  • Thank you. Such kindness.


  • I know not much of machinery...
  • I've heard of a truly rare sugar crystal...
  • Even the smallest leaf is under my protection.
  • The Darkness will soon be purified.


Relationship Chart



  • Millennial Tree Cookie's protector is Wind Archer Cookie, as evident by Wind Archer Cookie's Guardian of the Millennial Tree costume, further proven by Millennial Tree Cookie's Relationship Chart.
    • It's possible that Millennial Tree Cookie is the mysterious being that created Wind Archer Cookie.
  • Millennial Tree Cookie's response to the 2nd Anniversary Cake was "You have my gratitude! Let's celebrate!"