Mocha Delight is a B-grade pet that has the ability to create alphabet jellies to help the player enter bonus time.

Currently this pet is only available in the LINE version of Cookie Run.


Makes Alphabet Jellies.


Best tasting mocha cup you'll ever have. All that whipped cream makes it sooo good.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 Every 18 sec N/A
2 Every 16 sec Coin 001 7,000
3 Every 14 sec Coin 001 10,000
4 Every 12 sec Coin 001 13,000
5 Every 10 sec Coin 001 16,000
6 Every 8 sec Coin 001 19,000
7 Every 6 sec Coin 001 22,000
8 Every 4 sec Coin 001 25,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Coffee Cookie
Coffee Cookie (A) 30% less cool out time for Pets
Cream Cookie
Cream Cookie (B) 40% faster during Bonus Time


  • July 28, 2016


  • Mocha Delight is one of the pets that have two faces. Others are Bean Drop Duo, Double Bubble, Witty DumbbellLucky Dice and Light Bros.
  • This pet appears when the Newsletter loads. When the newsletter is loading, Mocha Delight shows a smiling face. But when the server is unable to load the newsletter successfully, Mocha Delight shows a surprised face.