Mystery Jewels were first introduced in Cookie Run: New World. They can only be obtained from Gold or Special Mystery Boxes. Each Episode has different kind of Mystery Jewels and the requirement to get the reward is different. Each episode has a special reward. Note that you only can get Mystery Jewels for an episode by getting Mystery Boxes from the same episode.

If the player collects all the jewels required, they can draw to get the prize. The reward is given from the reward list randomly, meaning there is no specific order to them. For example, a player can get the Special Reward in their first draw, obtaining it after a few draws, or (at the least lucky possibility) obtaining it at the 13th draw. If player already has all of the rewards for an episode and collects the number of required Jewels again, the player will get a Coin reward, usually between Coin 001 10,000~20,000.

Episode Jewels Required Special Reward
1 Escape from the Oven 3 King Choco Drop King Choco Drop
2 Primeval Jungle 5 Tiger Lily Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie
3 Dragon's Valley 7 Fire Spirit Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie
4 The City of Wizards 7 Moonlight Cookie Moonlight Cookie
5 Dessert Paradise 7 Wind Archer Cookie Wind Archer Cookie
S1 Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins 7 Compass Eternally Pointing to Coin Island Compass Eternally Pointing to Coin Island
S2 Tower of Frozen Waves 7 Sea Fairy's Crystallized Affection Sea Fairy's Crystallized Affection

Trivia Edit

  • It is a good idea to leave the Mystery Jewels unclaimed to increase the odds of getting S/SS rank ingredients and treasure tickets once you've gotten all the prizes.
  • You'll know you've hit the grand prize when the animation for unlocking the prizes becomes a lot more dramatic and flashy, and takes longer for you to see your prize. Normal rewards would also emit an orange flash during the opening process, while Special Rewards would emit blue flash (pretty much like the difference between opening A-grade Treasure and S-grade Treasure).
  • In its early translation, it was planned to be called Artifacts. However, that was scrapped and instead it used Mystery Jewels as the name. Players can still see the old translation in the app eyecatch.

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Relic reward normal

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Relic reward special

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