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Mystic Gems are a new currency introduced in the "Wrath of the Dragon" season. Like Magic Powder, Mystic Gems serve only one purpose: blessing normal S-grade evolved Treasures with a 100% chance.

Earning Mystic GemsEdit

Extracting Evolve TreasuresEdit

Mystic Gems, like Magic Powder, cannot be bought with Coins, Crystals, or cash. They can not be found in events as well. They can only be obtained through extracting S-grade evolve Treasures.

The amount of Mystic Gems a player gets depends on four main factors:

  • The upgrade level of the Treasure before extraction
  • The grade of the original Treasure used for the evolution
  • The ingredients used to evolve that Treasure
  • Whether the Treasure was blessed or not blessed

Currently, the highest amount of Mystic Gems possible from a single treasure is 100 and 150, for non-blessed and blessed treasure, respectively.


  • Since having S-grade evolve Treasures is hard to obtain and requires having many ingredients and Treasures, you need to make a priority system, like with Magic Powder.
    • As stated above, you need roughly 1000 Mystic Gems and 100 Crystals in order to successfully "force" bless a Treasure. The best way is to extract S-grade evolve Treasures that you don't need.


  • No pets, cookies, currencies, or Fortune Dough can aid in obtaining extra Mystic Gems.