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Pancake Cookie (팬케이크맛 쿠키 Pancake Flavor Cookie) is a Cookie that first appeared in LINE Cookie Run. He was one of the last releases of the game, with only Wind Archer Cookie and Moon Rabbit Cookie coming after him, discluding the release of Rebel Cookie, who had existed for three years prior to being released in LINE version. He has since appeared in every Cookie Run game aside from Cookie Run: Puzzle World, usually featuring as either an initial or very early release into the games due to his popularity. He was consistently a relatively high rarity in each game until Cookie Run: Kingdom, where he was demoted to being a Rare.

He is a small Cookie in a full-body kigurumi resembling a brown flying squirrel. The "wings" of his kigurumi resemble half-pancakes, with the sleeves themselves appearing to drip like syrup. The kigurumi is clasped together with a small purple berry in the middle of it, matching his purple eyes. His white hair (made to resemble whipped cream) peeks out from underneath the top of his hood, which has little eyes and a mouth on it, as well as two butter pats, one on each side, which resemble ears.

Many of Pancake Cookie's skills throughout the games reflect his ability to glide, as well as his obsession with Acorn Jellies. In LINE and Cookie Run: OvenBreak, he jumps into the air and glides, collecting Sunflower Jellies, Sunflower Seed Jellies, and Acorn Jellies. In OvenBreak, he was also given the ability via Magic Candy to briefly glide through obstacles without waiting for his full skill charge, allowing him to get out of sticky situations or last a little longer with no Energy. In CookieWars, due to his glide, he could be placed anywhere on the map (as he would fall out of the sky), including the enemy's side of the field, which made him a dangerous force in PVP. In Kingdom, his skill resembles an airstrike: he flies overhead of enemies and throws acorns down on them, which does area damage and boosts the party's Attack Speed.


Pancake Cookie is a young and childish Cookie, often vying for attention and clamoring for Acorn Jellies. His interests lie mostly in collecting and eating said Acorn Jellies, though he also loves to glide around and enjoys playing with others. He is prone to begging for what he wants due to being young, though he can be helpful and determined when he sets his mind to it.

Story and Event Involvement

Pancake Cookie has little to no involvement in LINE or CookieWars, outside of a Pancake Jelly Walker being mistaken for him in the latter.

In OvenBreak, Pancake Cookie appears in the storyline for Dreamy CookieLand!, being friends with Apple Cookie. The two decide to go into the abandoned amusement park, bringing along some other children, where they proceed to meet Piñata Cookie, Firecracker Cookie's friend, and Cream Unicorn Cookie, a magical Cookie who lives in the amusement park. He, along with the other Cookies, play with Cream Unicorn Cookie, and are eventually briefly trapped in the park when Cream Unicorn Cookie panics at the thought of being abandoned for years again. After they explain to Cream Unicorn Cookie that they can't stay forever, they are let go, and all of them return with even more friends to play at the park.

In Kingdom, Pancake Cookie is included in two Bonds, Night of Tricksters and I Want to Fly. In the former, he causes chaos with Cherry Cookie and Gumball Cookie, ruining a festival with their childish antics. He steals Jellies as the other two cause various explosions, which causes a large mess that the Cookies attending the festival end up cleaning up. This also causes people to be fearful of the trio. The latter Bond has Angel Cookie ask Pancake Cookie how to fly, at the expense of Acorn Jellies. He does help, becoming invested in helping Angel Cookie, with it being stated that the lessons are still continuing to the current day.

He also appears during Custard Cookie III's substory in Custard Cookie III's dream, wherein he fights with Gumball Cookie, requiring the small royalty to break the fight up.


Angel Cookie

Pancake Cookie is friendly with Angel Cookie, with Angel Cookie asking him for help learning to fly properly. The two seem to get along well, though Pancake Cookie still makes Angel Cookie pay him in Acorn Jellies for flying lessons.

Cherry Cookie

Cherry Cookie appears to be someone Pancake Cookie primarily knows because they both create chaos, with the two causing issues for other Cookies alongside Gumball Cookie.

Apple Cookie

Pancake Cookie is good friends with Apple Cookie, with the two shown playing together amongst other young Cookies during the Dreamy CookieLand! event.

Cream Puff Cookie

Pancake Cookie is friendly with Cream Puff Cookie, wanting to watch her magic tricks. However, he also makes fun of Cream Puff Cookie when she messes up her spells, causing her to get upset with him.

Gumball Cookie

Pancake Cookie mostly seems to know Gumball Cookie because they both like to cause chaos. However, he can also be seen fighting with Gumball Cookie over trivial matters when the two kids get bumped into by Custard Cookie III during his substory.

Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie has given Pancake Cookie Acorn Jellies in the past, which makes Pancake Cookie automatically adore him. He also addresses Herb Cookie as "Herby."

Roll Cake Cookie

Roll Cake Cookie is Pancake Cookie's older brother, whom Pancake Cookie always seems to want to play with. In return, Roll Cake Cookie is usually frustrated with him, and angry about how he isn't as cute as his younger brother, wishing that he was also lovable. Despite this, they are still family, and occasionally appear together, including a brief nod to their brotherhood on the Dreamy CookieLand! splash screen, where Roll Cake Cookie makes an appearance despite not being included anywhere in the actual event due to this being the event where Pancake Cookie received his Magic Candy.

Firecracker Cookie

Pancake Cookie is good friends with Firecracker Cookie, with the two shown playing together amongst other young Cookies during the Dreamy CookieLand! event.

Chestnut Cookie

Pancake Cookie is good friends with Chestnut Cookie, with the two shown playing together amongst other young Cookies during the Dreamy CookieLand! event.

Pudding Cookie

Pancake Cookie is good friends with Pudding Cookie, with the two shown playing together amongst other young Cookies during the Dreamy CookieLand! event.

Cream Unicorn Cookie

Pancake Cookie meets Cream Unicorn Cookie during the Dreamy CookieLand! event. Like the other young Cookies, he has a good time with the mysterious Cookie until he, alongside the others, are locked in CookieLand due to Cream Unicorn Cookie's fear of being left alone again. Eventually Cream Unicorn Cookie lets them out after realizing those actions aren't okay, and Pancake Cookie, among others, visits Cream Unicorn Cookie again later to make sure the Cookie isn't left alone again.

Piñata Cookie

Pancake Cookie briefly meets Piñata Cookie during the Dreamy CookieLand! event, where Piñata Cookie joins in playing with the other young Cookies after Firecracker Cookie introduces her to the others.

Spinach Cookie

Pancake Cookie dislikes Spinach Cookie, not wanting to have to eat the vegetables she tries to give out to everyone.


Pancake Cookie butts heads with Maple Panda Cookie of the bunch, with both of the two claiming that they're better at flying than the other.


Pancake Cookie was first released into LINE Cookie Run, very shortly following after his brother, Roll Cake Cookie, was released, only having Banana Cookie released between the two. He was met with extremely positive reception, quickly becoming a very popular Cookie. This has made him a frequent choice to get added into various later Cookie Run games as a base release, as his cute looks remained consistently popular over the years, and he has been used frequently on promotional material for the series.


  • Pancake cookies are a real type of cookie, though they are usually included with chocolate chips.
  • Though Pancake Cookie and Roll Cake Cookie are brothers and this information has not changed among games, initially, Pancake Cookie had a bit in his description in LINE Cookie Run about Roll Cake Cookie wanting to be as lovable as him. For unknown reasons, this was removed in OvenBreak and has not been re-added in any game since, not even after Roll Cake Cookie was released into OvenBreak.
  • Pancake Cookie's voice actress in Kingdom is notable for other roles such as Sakura Haruno from Naruto and Rarity from My Little Pony.
  • Pancake Cookie's internal game number is 0069. He is preceded by Banana Cookie and followed by Wind Archer Cookie.