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Cookie0069 head.png Pancake Cookie

Pancake Cookie is an Epic Cookie released alongside his Pet, Pancake Frisbee, on November 30, 2016. He has the ability to jump in the air and glide, picking up Acorn and Sunflower Jellies for points.


SkillBook cookie0069.png

Creates Acorn Jelly and Sunflower Jellies while flying at given intervals. Collecting Sunflower Jellies will create Sunflower Seed Jellies. Level Up for more frequent Skill activation.

Candy0069 l.png Magic Candy

A small gauge fills up gradually over time. At the peak height of an extra Jump, tap and hold the Slide button to glide through the air. While gliding, Pancake Cookie will earn extra points and dodge oncoming obstacles. Level Up for more Glide Points.


Browned to perfection, the cute and energetic Pancake Cookie was born. Pancake Cookie is cute to the extreme. And he knows it! He even added a piece of butter on top of his head to make himself even cuter. Cuteness overload! This sweet and innocent Cookie's favorite thing in the world is Acorn Jelly. When he sees one, he'll use his cutie pie charms to get that Acorn Jelly. You can try to resist his charms, but he'll get that Acorn Jelly from you one way or another.

Cookie0069z01 head.png I'm an elephant! \(o3o)/ Boo! Boo! \(>3<)/


Pancake Cookie is an invaluable asset to players looking to simplify hard parts of stages. Even with only one level on his Magic Candy, the glide can be used in very short bursts. After a glide, no matter the distance traveled, Pancake Cookie will be granted a very long period of invincibility. If used properly, entire sections of stages can be skipped with no danger, and the incredibly large magnetic aura provided will ensure nearly every jelly is collected.

While no longer the best choice for very high scores in Trophy Race or Breakout, it is undeniable that Pancake Cookie is still quite usable. The largest problem with this cookie is that his main Skill is rather hard to control; even a good player may miss jellies from time to time, especially if they are against a similar colored background. Additionally, if Pancake Cookie enters Bonus Time during the skill, a few of the Acorn Jellies will simply not return after it ends.

Additionally, players will need to decide what they want to use his abilities for. While the Cookie excels at both low-difficulty areas with many jellies (due to the large magnetic effect) and high-difficulty areas with many obstacles (due to the invulnerability period) these two scenarios are rarely found together. This ultimately comes down to preference - does the player want every single jelly to maximize score, or do they simply want to clear a stage they aren't good at?

Despite the flaws above, raising Pancake Cookie may still be a good idea if you already have many high scoring cookies at a high level. His versatility keeps him at least usable at any level of play, and he excels in stages with unforgiving energy drain. His Glide can be used just before he runs out of energy and held for a long time, allowing his skill to charge nearly 20% in good conditions. Both his Skill and his Glide increase the speed he moves, allowing him to cover very large distances.

In terms of Treasure selection, players should base their selections exclusively on the stage Pancake Cookie is running in. The skill does not create large numbers of jellies, and the jellies it does create don't belong to any particular type. The only advice common to all stages is that Pancake Cookie does not need any extra magnetic effects. These treasures will provide no measurable benefit to the Cookie, as the magnetic aura from his Glide is far more powerful than you need to begin with.


Level Energy Skill
1 146 Flying Squirrel Lv.1
15 260 Flying Squirrel Lv.15

Loading Messages



  • You promised Acorn Jellies!
  • Let's fly to that tree over there!
  • Can I have your Acorn Jelly?
  • Can I have another one? Pretty please?
  • Is that an Acorn Jelly?!
  • There! An Acorn Jelly!
  • Acorn Jellies are the best!
  • Let's play! Let's fly!
  • Let's fly far away!
  • Look! I'm flying!
  • I'm flying..!
  • Look! I can fly!

1vs1 Race

  • Can I win! Pretty please?
  • Yay! Let me win!
  • I'm faster than you!
  • Play with me!


  • But I wanna fly...


Daily Gift


  • Is that Acorn Jelly for me?
  • Give me an Acorn Jelly!


  • Wink wink! Hehehe!
  • Am I cute? Am I cute?!


  • But... but... I don’t like studying.
  • Acorn Jellies are the best!
  • Let’s play! Yeah! XD


Relationship Chart


  • April 28, 2018
    • Unlock requirement, reaching Escape Level 9, has been retired.
  • June 27, 2019
    • Baby Elephant PJ's points value increase for Acorn Jellies changed from +100 to +300.
  • July 29, 2019
    • Combi bonus boosted from +200 points for Maple Syrup Jellies to +240.
  • May 6, 2020
    • Magic Candy has been added.


  • The allusion to Roll Cake Cookie was silently removed from his description during the transition from LINE Cookie Run to Cookie Run: OvenBreak. This was not re-added when Roll Cake Cookie was put into OvenBreak, despite them being plainly stated to be siblings now in the relationship chart.
  • His animations for regularly running out of energy and for running out of energy via hitting an obstacle were accidentally reversed in LINE Cookie Run. This was fixed in the transition to OvenBreak.
  • Pancake Cookie's response to the 2nd Anniversary Cake was "Cake? Yum!"