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Pets are the accompanying creatures with their distinctive abilities to aid cookies in their run. Combined with the Cookies, players can match the best Cookie/Pet combo to run and boost their gameplay. Pets can only be obtained by hatching eggs, completing events, or getting Pets Lucky Draw.

Pets are also divided into the same category as Cookies, C Grade.png, B Grade.png, A Grade.png, S Grade.png, and L-grade.png, although there is an exclusive grade for Pets, which is E Grade.png. While most of them are obtainable via hatching eggs, others can be obtained by limited-time events and completing objectives.

Main article: List of Pets

Getting Pets

Main article: Get Pets

By Hatching Eggs

Players can obtain new pets by hatching eggs in the Pets section in-game. Pets are also divided into the same category as cookies. Their grade represent the rarity of the pet on hatching eggs. There are three type of eggs for players to hatch, and it depends on chances. Lower grade pets have more chance to obtain than higher-grade pets.

Players can hatch 3 types of eggs here. Common Egg for CookieRunCrystal.png 1, Rare Egg for CookieRunCrystal.png 10, and Extra Rare Egg for CookieRunCrystal.png 20.

Because it depends on chances, players may hatch the same pet again, resulting in upgrading their stats. Players can avoid this and maximize their crystal consumption by fully upgrading them. It is to make sure that the egg's next hatch would be a new one, thus bringing them one step closer to their wanted pet.

By Limited-Time Event

Some pets are unobtainable through hatching eggs. They are only obtainable while their respective events are still active. Since some, if not all of them, are expired, there are no way to obtain these pets anymore until further notice.

Pet How to Get Event Expire Date
Brown Balloon.png
A Grade.png Brown Balloon LINE Crossover Event 14 May 2014
Cony Balloon.png
A Grade.png Cony Balloon
  • Reach Level 7
LINE Crossover Event 14 May 2014
A Grade.png Luck-o'-Lantern
  • Collect 600 Halloween Candy
  • Purchasing for CookieRunCrystal.png 31 from Pet Shop
  • November 4, 2014
  • November 12, 2015
  • October 31, 2016
Bean Drop Duo.png
E Grade.png Bean Drop Duo
  • Purchasing for CookieRunCrystal.png 22 from Pet Shop
2 Year Anniversary Event February 4, 2016

By Limited-Time Offer

There is also a limited-time offer in which you can obtain specific S-grade pets for CookieRunCrystal.png 99. Every 24 hours, the pet changes into another pet, ready for sale. This might not be seen for those who have nearly or all of the pets.

Because of its high cost, this is the least effective way of obtaining pets, unless tracking down a specific pet. It is better to wait patiently for it to arrive with CookieRunCrystal.png 20, which technically might be one of the first few pets you own, or probably the last.

By Completing Objectives

Other pets can be obtained by completing certain objectives that are now still available to do. Gold Drop is included here because Invite Event never expires during the season.

Gold Drop.png S Grade.png Gold Drop

Players can only obtain Gold Drop exclusively from Invite Event, starting from Season 1 onwards. Gold Drop is never replaced by other rewards when the season changes.

White Gold Drop.png S Grade.png White Gold Drop

Players can only obtain White Gold Drop by purchasing a Starter's Package through the Crystal Shop.

King Choco Drop.png
L-grade.png King Choco Drop

Players can obtain King Choco Drop by getting the special reward from Mystery Jewels in Escape from the Oven.

Wave Drop.png
S Grade.png Frozen Wave Drop

Players can obtain Frozen Wave Drop by obtaining Star SpE2.png 300 in Tower of Frozen Waves.

List of Pets

There are a total of 79 pets in Cookie Run, each are sorted in the Navbox of the game. There are 5 C Grade.png Pets, 7 B Grade.png pets, 8 A Grade.png pets, 1 L-grade.png pet, 1 E Grade.png pet, and 57 S Grade.png pets as of August 2016. Here are the lists.

Bean Drop Duo.png

E Grade.png Bean Drop Duo (EVENT)
Drop of Choco.png

C Grade.png Drop of Choco
Rainbow's End.png

C Grade.png Rainbow's End
Double Bubble.png

C Grade.png Double Bubble

C Grade.png Cheeseberry
Forgotten Stocking.png

C Grade.png Forgotten Stocking
Witty Dumbell.png

B Grade.png Witty Dumbbell
Mocha Delight.png

B Grade.png Mocha Delight
Cozy Yarn.png

B Grade.png Cozy Yarn
Rare Garlic.png

B Grade.png Rare Garlic
Electric Beat.png

B Grade.png Electric Beat
Hat of Santa.png

B Grade.png Hat of Santa
Dusty Unicorn.png

B Grade.png Dust Unicorn

A Grade.png Flowercopter
Wishing Star.png

A Grade.png Wishing Star
Brain Gum.png

A Grade.png Brain Gum
Dragon's Tail.png

A Grade.png Dragon's Tail
Lucky Dice.png

A Grade.png Lucky Dice
Brown Balloon.png

A Grade.png Brown Balloon (EVENT)
Cony Balloon.png

A Grade.png Cony Balloon (EVENT)

A Grade.png Luck-o'-Lantern (EVENT)
Enchanted Locket.png

S Grade.png Enchanted Locket
Pirate's Bomb.png

S Grade.png Pirate's Bomb

S Grade.png Ginger Ghost
Snow Blossom.png

S Grade.png Snow Blossom
Jellyco Cube.png

S Grade.png Jellyco Cube
AWOL Cracker.png

S Grade.png AWOL Cracker
Glitter Ball.png

S Grade.png Glitter Ball
Foxy Bead.png

S Grade.png Foxy Bead
Flame Bat.png

S Grade.png Flame Bat
Gold Drop.png

S Grade.png Gold Drop (EVENT)
Magic Pod.png

S Grade.png Magic Pod
Book of Wizdom.png

S Grade.png Book of Wizdom
Spotlight Fan.png

S Grade.png Spotlight Fan
Lemon Slice.png

S Grade.png Lemon Slice
Rocket Firecracker.png

S Grade.png Rocket Firecracker
Fluffy Cheese Cat.png

S Grade.png Fluffy Cheese Cat
Purple Candle.png

S Grade.png Purple Candle
Pistachio Firefly.png

S Grade.png Pistachio Firefly
Jelly Scale.png

S Grade.png Jelly Scale
Coin Scale.png

S Grade.png Coin Scale
Wooden Barrel.png

S Grade.png Oak Barrel

S Grade.png Backpacky
Paprika Punching Bag.png

S Grade.png Paprika Punching Bag
Snow Globe.png

S Grade.png Snow Globe
Yule Log Cake.png

S Grade.png Yule Log Cake
Ghost Butler.png

S Grade.png Ghost Butler
Pink Candy.png

S Grade.png Pink Candy
Kiwi Bird.png

S Grade.png Kiwi Bird
Apple Slice Rabbit.png

S Grade.png Green Apple Rabbit
Furball Pup.png

S Grade.png Furball Pup
Ms. do-re-mi.png

S Grade.png Ms. Do-Re-Mi
Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si.png

S Grade.png Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si
Marshmallow Hamster.png

S Grade.png Marshmallow Hamster
Acorn owl.png

S Grade.png Owlcorn
Tea Cup.png

S Grade.png Tea Cup
Mini Jackson No 2.png

S Grade.png Mini Jackson No. 2
Electro Lemon.png

S Grade.png Electro Lemon
Mini Orange Mouse HD.png

S Grade.png Mini Orange Mouse
Mr beep beep.png

S Grade.png Mr. Limeguard
White Gold Drop.png

S Grade.png White Gold Drop
Sailor Paper Boat.png

S Grade.png Paper Boat Sailor
Never Cooling Teacup.png

S Grade.png Uncooling Teacup
Panda Dumpling.png

S Grade.png Panda Dumpling
Onion Fish.png

S Grade.png Onion Fish
Cinnamon Roll Rabbit.png

S Grade.png Cinnamon Bunny
Wave Drop.png

S Grade.png Frozen Wave Drop (REWARD)

S Grade.png Castanets
Sweet Rice Seal.png

S Grade.png Sweet Rice Seal
Herb Teapot.png

S Grade.png Herb Teapot
Pocket Watch Referee.png

S Grade.png Pocket Watch Referee

S Grade.png Dino-Egg
Cotton Candy Birdie.png

S Grade.png Cotton Candy Birdie
Light Brothers.png

S Grade.png Light Bros
Savannahna Lion.png

S Grade.png Savannahna Lion
Pancake Frisbee.png

S Grade.png Pancake Frisbee

S Grade.png Windy
Moon Mortar.png

S Grade.png Moon Mortar
King Choco Drop.png

L-grade.png King Choco Drop


  • Pets were called Charms in OvenBreak 2, Cookie Run's spiritual predecessor.
    • However, Pets were non-existent in the first version of Cookie Run, OvenBreak.
  • Pets that grants special jellies will only replace normal jellies (the jelly you can upgrade and change the look of). They will not replace Bear jellies (yellow/pink/giant), Alphabet jellies, Energy potions and any special jellies granted by Cookies (like Blackberry Cookie's blackberry jellies through Paranormal Activity or Orange Cookie's tennis balls through Power Tennis). However, they will still replace a normal jelly that has been changed into a Bear jelly through an All-Bear jelly.
  • Starting with Pistachio Firefly, the release date for Pets released before the City of Wizards update was about 2 weeks apart instead of 4. This is likely because Devsisters wanted LINE Cookie Run to catch up to Kakao Cookie Run as soon as possible (barring Kakao being ahead by 2 or 3 Pets depending on the time of the month). It is now back to the usual 1 Pet per month release (barring any event Pets, such as Gold Drop and Brown Balloon). At this time a new Pet will likely be released on the second or third week of the month.
  • The Pets are in descending order in terms of rank (L-grade.png to C Grade.png) in the Pet select screen. Interestingly enough, the Cookies are in an ascending order (C Grade.png to L-grade.png) in the Cookie select screen.

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