Pets Lucky Draw is a type of reward from using Lucky Draw. Each Pets Lucky Draw gives randomly selected C, B, or A grade pet. When the same pet is earned, it will automatically upgrades the pet for free.

Pets Lucky Draw Egg

However, when all C, B, and A grade pets are on the maximum level, Pets Lucky Draw will disappear from the Lucky Draw.

Trivia Edit

  • Witty Dumbbell is the only B-grade pet which could never be found in Pets Lucky Draw. To earn this pet, player must buy a Rare Egg. For guaranteed Witty Dumbbell, players are recommended to have all B-grade pets in maximum level before buying a Rare Egg.
  • A tip for maximizing Pets Lucky Draw earning is to upgrade all C-grade pets with coins, so the players can upgrade all B-grade pets for free. C-grade pets upgrade costs are ranged from 500~3.200 coins meanwhile B-grade pets upgrade costs are 7.000~25.000 coins. This tip helps newer players for maximizing B-grade pets required for unlocking certain cookies while saving thousands of coins.
  • Few sound files that are listed in the Audio Gallery are shared with Treasure Chest.

List of Pets obtainable or upgradeable from Pets Lucky Draw Edit

Pets Picture Grade Ability
Rainbow's End Rainbow's End C Grade

Grows in Bonus Time

Double Bubble
Double Bubble
C Grade Makes All-Bear Jellies
Cheeseberry Cheeseberry C Grade Collects missed Jellies
Forgotten Stocking Forgotten Stocking C Grade Speeds up the Cookie
Mocha Delight Mocha Delight B Grade Makes Alphabet Jellies
Cozy Yarn Cozy Yarn B Grade Bonus Time Jellies
Rare Garlic Rare Garlic B Grade Makes Blast Jellies
Electric Beat Electric Beat B Grade Makes Magnet Jellies
Hat of Santa Hat of Santa B Grade Makes Silver Coins
Dust Unicorn Dusty Unicorn B Grade Makes Bonus Jellies
Flowercopter Flowercopter A Grade Speeds up Bonus Time
Wishing Star Wishing Star A Grade Revives the Cookie
Brain Gum Brain Gum A Grade Slower Energy drain
Dragon's Tail Dragon's Tail A Grade Call Dragon's Spirit
Lucky Dice Lucky Dice A Grade Makes Power Jellies

Audio GalleryEdit

When Egg is hatchingEdit

Rp egg crack2

Egg hatched (When having coins or C to B Grade Pet)Edit

Rp result coin

Egg hatched (When having an A Grade Pet)Edit

Rp result a

Egg hatched (When having an S Grade Pet)Edit

Rp result s

When Pet is receivedEdit

R medal