Quote1 I see treasures! Let's make them MINE! Quote2
―Pirate Cookie

Pirate Cookie is an S-grade Cookie. He will revive as a Ghost Pirate after running out of Energy. Ghost Pirate will continue the run, with some differences. He can run through obstacles (without crashing and losing energy) while still catching jellies, alphabets, boosts, and coins, but not Energy Potions.


After running out of Energy, revives as Ghost Pirate with up to 160 Energy.


Sea water and rum are crucial ingredients when it comes to Pirate Cookie. He might look tough, but really is a hopeless romantic. In his ghostly form, Pirate Cookie walks right through obstacles but, alas, is unable to pick up any Energy Potions.

Strategy Edit

Pirate Cookie is often strategically used as the cookie for relay owing to how further stages' obstacles become harder to avoid. The revived Ghost Cookie also retains a large quantity of Energy, helping the player run even farther.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
140 Ghost with 90 Energy N/A
144 Ghost with 100 Energy 27,000
148 Ghost with 110 Energy 29,000
152 Ghost with 120 Energy 32,000
156 Ghost with 130 Energy 34,000
160 Ghost with 140 Energy 36,000
160 Ghost with 150 Energy 45,000
160 Ghost with 160 Energy 54,000

Loading MessagesEdit

  • Anchors aweigh!
  • The ocean awaits!
  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
  • Let me show you what great pirates are like!
  • Pirates don't die!
  • I see treasures! Let's make them MINE!
  • Bring me the bomb!

Updates Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Pirate Cookie has the second most health in-game Cookie Run, just behind Fire Spirit Cookie (320 energy total).
  • He was one of the most popular choices for Cookie Relay due to his health and his invincibility on his Ghost Mode.
  • Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins pays a tribute to Pirate Cookie. It seems that he is the one that owns the Coin Cave.
  • When in his Ghost Mode, he can't pick up anything that increases Energy at all. He will also not turn into Giant Mode because he can't pick it up.
  • When in his Ghost Mode, he can run through obstacles and will be able to gain score from treasures that give extra points for passing through obstacles.
  • During the Halloween Party 2014 and 2015, Pirate Cookie is dressed up as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
  • As seen from the Cookie Run for Kakao Season 1 Loading Screen, Pirate Cookie had a longer beard and a cape similar to Cherry Cookie. This was likely his old design, which was then changed.
  • Pirate Cookie used to have two hidden combis.

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Passing an obstacle in Ghost ModeEdit

G ghostmode pass

Beginning Ghost ModeEdit

G ghostmode start

Cookie Name in Other LanguagesEdit

  • Thai: ??
  • Japanese: 海賊味クッキー(Pirate Cookie)
  • Traditional Chinese: 海盜餅乾
  • Korean: 해적맛 쿠키