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Hello, and welcome to Cookie Run Wiki Guidelines Portal! Here, we have compiled a tutorial for you to create your own Cookies, Pets, Treasures, Evolve Treasures, and Ingredients articles!

<createbox> width=24 break=no buttonlabel=Create! </createbox> To get started, please enter the title of the article in the box above, and click create!

Our trusty admin Kevsuc has created a guideline for you to follow. The tutorials are located in the box below.

A good page should have an infobox, brief description, game description, effects or abilities, trivias, and navbox.

Classic Editor Tutorial.png

Now before we move on, in Wikia, there are two types of editing tools you can use. Namely:

  • Classic Editor
  • VisualEditor (by default)

To get started, it is advisable to switch your editing tools to the classic editor by clicking here for registered users, or by click the drop-down button beside the "Edit" button and click classic editor. There, you can paste the code from one of the guideline and click publish.

  • If you prefer to use the new VisualEditor, you can use it after you paste the entire guideline code found in each guideline.

Alright! Now you have created your own article! It's time to put some information in the article! You can follow the guideline to create a good article!

Remember. If you do not have a good image or good information regarding the topic you are making, just leave it blank. Someone will take over and fill it up for you. How nice is that? This is the power of collaboration.

It never hurts to try making up your own article, and people here will not punish you for that. We allow everybody to try and create their own article, including articles which doesn't fit to any of the category in the guideline below. Once you tried it, you will be amazed at how people here can fill it up for you and become a good article at the end. So have a try, don't be shy.

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