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Primeval Jungle is the second episode in Cookie Run in quest to restore the Cookie Kingdom into its former glory. Although there are 10 stages, each stages are much longer than those in the first episode. Players need to use Cookie Relay and a bunch of Slower Energy Drains to reach the final stage.

This episode is harder than the previous episode, even from the very first stage.

Episode Summary

We've finally reached Cookie Kingdom! But the entire
Kingdom is now in ruins.
You'll embark on a journey with a map for adventure
in your hands. Can you restore the Cookie Kingdom
to its former glory?


There are lots of moving obstacles in this episode, compared with the previous episode which the obstacles are almost stationary. The stages are relatively longer and achieving the final stage might require a cookie relay. Some obstacles are carefully placed to limit the space for maneuver, so be very careful.

In the City of Wizards update, the position of the pattern changes slightly as well as the pattern itself. New obstacles are added and removed to add variety to the game. Unlike the first episode though, the final stage does repeat upon reaching the end.


1. Cookie Kingdom Ruins

The player starts at the center of the Cookie Kingdom from the previous episode, and find the way out to embark on a journey. The player instantly encounter a swinging obstacles that hits the cookies in the middle spot. Remember to slide under them.


2. Cookie Kingdom Secret Corridor

The cookie entered a secret passage that leads out from the kingdom. There are lots of falling objects that players have to avoid. It is called Cookie Kingdom Secret Passage in Mandarin.


3. Cookie Kingdom Bridge

The cookie sets out from the kingdom to enter the next stage. Swinging obstacles are back and they attack in hordes.


4. Green Tea Cake Hills

There are a lot of things that can be taken here.


5. The Jungle

Similar to the Sunflower Forest, snakes and toucans appeared everywhere and players have to slide down to avoid collision. Make sure not to over-jump and hit obstacles.


6. Crocodile Swamp

This is where the difficulty starts to rise. There are fish appearing from the pit that tries to hit the cookie. Players will have to assume the pit as obstacles. Players will also have to be careful as there are also blobs of goo swarming toward the cookie, so that spaces to maneuver are very limited.


7. Monkey Den

This stage is easier than the previous stage, but do not underestimate the stage. Holes are camouflaged by the obstacles, and players might fall into holes if they are careless. With the City of Wizards update, this stage became more difficult.


8. Pineapple River

Pineapple River consists of many chainsaws that slash through the cookie. Players will have to avoid excess jumping and sliding to move perfectly. Although the obstacles look much bigger, their hit area is the same as other obstacles.


9. Pineapple Village Entrance

This is one of the stages that players have to focus to avoid being struck by arrows. Arrows can be a pain as they are small and can hide behind jellies to confuse players. They appear everywhere and they are hard to spot on.


10. Pineapple Village Altar

The final stage of the episode. This is the only stage that has obstacles moving toward the cookie, as enemies. Running through the stage is a challenge, as they are almost impossible to be predicted. Jelly trails are kept at minimum and players will have to interpret how to move to avoid collision. Players will be granted two large health potions to run even longer, providing that players are able to survive long enough in the stage.

In the City of Wizards update, the position of the pattern changes slightly as well as the pattern itself. Existing patterns are updated by adding new obstacles (instead of pitholes) or changing obstacles to a similar obstacles, to add variety to the game. Unlike Episode 1, the stage does repeat upon reaching the end.

  • The third and final Mystery Box can be found in the early part of the stage.

Things to Unlock

Tiger Lily Cookie can be obtained as a special reward in this episode.



Wrath of the Dragon

Audio Gallery

Preview of Primeval Jungle (in Episode map)

At the lobby of Primeval Jungle

While playing at stage 1-9

While playing at stage 10: Pineapple Village Altar

While playing at Bonus Time (Day)

While playing at Bonus Time (Night)

Pineapple Village Altar Jingle


  • Before the May 18th, 2016 update the episode was classified as Normal. After the update, the difficulty indicator was changed to an amount of stars - the more stars, the more difficult the episode is. Primeval Jungle is now classified as 3 stars, about as hard as Dragon's Valley.
  • In the latest update of "New World Discovered", the title of the stage 2 is "Cookie Kingdom Secret Corridor".
  • Although it only has 10 stages, this Episode has the most large Health Potions in the game. There are three health potions in total at the final stage, which makes Primeval Jungle a total of 12 Health Potions, compared with Escape from the Oven which only have 10.
  • Primeval Jungle is the first episode which has an event related with an episode. Players who run at least once between 8 January - 16 January 2015, 5 p.m. (GMT+9) will get 20 Crystals for free.
    • It also has another event in April and May, with the new City of Wizards update.
  • Pineapple Village Altar, the last stage of Primeval Jungle and Burning Pineapple Forest, the first stage in Dragon's Valley are actually interconnected. When you enter Burning Pineapple Forest, the jungle is on fire as you are essentially entering a fiery wasteland in Dragon's Valley.