Enchanted Locket is a pet that accompanies Princess Cookie. It is an S-grade Pet, unlike its A-grade owner.


Creates Mini Energy Potions (worth 15 Energy).


A rare and precious accessory of Cookie Royalty passed down for generations. The Witch might have made it long time ago, when she used to work for the Royal family.

Strategy Edit

It is notably one of the most reliable Pets in Potion generating, as its Potions give a reasonable amount of energy in a short time, with the drawbacks of its Skill having no alternative effects, unlike other Potion-producing Pets. Although it is no longer as useful as of Season 5, players still choose to use it on runs that require surviving for very long, and was often used in high-scoring combinations due to having Combi Bonuses with many cookies.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 Every 29 sec N/A
2 Every 27 sec 27,000
3 Every 25 sec 29,000
4 Every 23 sec 32,000
5 Every 21 sec 34,000
6 Every 19 sec 36,000
7 Every 17 sec 45,000
8 Every 15 sec 54,000


  • This is the only S-grade Pet who is associated with an A-Grade Cookie, Princess Cookie.