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For Quests before the Season 3 update, see Cookie Quests.

The Quests menu.

Quests are a series of missions available in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, starting from the Season 3 update on April 26th, 2018. Each Quest has a small task, which varies based on the category of the Quest, and completing one gives a reward and typically gives a new, harder Quest. Most Quests will naturally be completed through play, and do not require any special focus.

There are four categories of Quests. Cookies & Pets Quests involve upgrading or obtaining Cookies, Pets, and Magic Candy; Trophy Race Quests involve reaching high scores or new lands in Trophy Race, or interacting with Champions League and the Medal Exchange Center; Treasures Quests involve obtaining, upgrading, and enhancing Treasures; and Daily Quests are three special Quests per day which function differently.


Each of the three categories of standard Quests has multiple missions available at any one time. Completing one of them gives a reward and a new, similar Quest of higher difficulty. Finishing many Quests in the same category unlocks large rewards, typically Crystals, Supreme or Special Cookie Chests, or Supreme or Special Pet Eggs. Finishing enough Quests can unlock entirely different Quest chains as well. For example, the Cookies & Pets category starts with four Quests: Collect 5 Cookies, Collect 5 Pets, Use Cookie Gacha 5 times, and Use Pet Gacha 5 times. Completing the first of these Quests unlocks a new Quest to Collect 8 Cookies, and completing enough of them will unlock new Quests in the Cookies & Pets category, such as Create Lv.1 Magic Candy for 1 Cookie or Use 10 Spirit Potions.

Quests in the same "chain" must be completed in order, and many Quests do not count if they are completed before being unlocked. Even though collecting more than 200 Trophies are required to reach Dazzling Crystal Pudding Cave, completing the Quest Reach Land 4-1 and unlocking the next Quest to Get 200 Trophies will not count Trophies previously collected. However, Quests involving reaching a certain Land, or obtaining or upgrading a specific amount of Cookies, Pets or Treasures, will be completed if the requirement has ever been met.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests, with the option to watch ads turned off.

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Cinnamon Cookie

Daily Quests have different mechanics, particularly after being reworked in the Season 4 update on July 29th, 2019. Daily Quests are hosted by Cinnamon Cookie, using his Fortuneteller Apprentice Costume. Each day gives three Daily Quests, presented on cards similar in appearance to the Fortuna Cards seen in The City of Wizards Event. Each card has a mission and a currency or ticket reward.

The objectives are randomized, and three refreshes are possible per day, to replace a Quest with a new mission with the same reward. There are three main colors of cards, with different types of missions. Brown-colored cards have missions in any game mode, blue-colored cards have missions in Breakout Mode or Trophy Race, and purple-colored cards have missions in Cookie Trials that were released before Season 4, possibly including Cookie Trials that the player has not unlocked yet. A special Rainbow Card appeared only the Season 4 update and has not been seen since. This Quest required running with seven Cookies in the new Breakout Episode, Sands of Yogurca, and rewarded 300 Crystals. Unlike other Daily Quests, it was available for multiple days.

The rewards can be Coins, Crystals, Magic Powder, Rainbow Cubes, Rescue Tickets, or Breakout Replay Tickets, and are the same for each player. The reward can be increased by watching an advertisement after completing the Quest, and members of the Royal Club get the bonus reward without having to watch the ad.

Lists of Quests

For Cookies & Pets Quests, see Quests/Cookies & Pets.
For Trophy Race Quests, see Quests/Trophy Race.
For Treasures Quests, see Quests/Treasures.
For Daily Quests, see Quests/Daily Quests.


  • April 26, 2018 (Secrets of the Lost City)
  • May 15, 2019
    • Removal of Guiding Quests announced.
  • May 29, 2019 (Flames of Glory)
    • Guiding Quests removed.
  • June 27, 2019 (Mighty Duo)
    • Removal of Breakout Quests announced.
  • July 29, 2019 (Sands of Yogurca)
    • Breakout Quests removed.
    • Daily Quests reworked.



  • Before Season 4, there were Breakout Quests. As some of them required reaching specific stages in Breakout Mode, the addition of rotating Breakout Episodes meant they had to be removed.
  • Due to Magic Candy now only being able to be Blessed starting at level 5, it is now required to make 10 Lv. 5 Magic Candies before receiving the Quest to create Lv.5 Magic Candy for 5 Cookies, and to make 20 Lv. 5 Magic Candies before receiving the Quest to create Lv.5 Magic Candy for 10 Cookies.
  • There are seemingly errors in the Quests for upgrading 40 and 50 Cookies and Pets, with Quests to upgrade 40 Cookies or Pets to Lv. 5 repeating, and Quests to upgrade 50 Cookies or Pets to Lv. 10 and Lv. 13 repeating. Presumably, they are meant to go in the order of Lv. 5, Lv. 10, Lv. 13, and Lv. 15, as the Quests for upgrading 30 Cookies or Pets do.