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Here is the list of all possible Daily Quests. Brown-colored cards have missions in any game mode, blue-colored cards have missions in Breakout Mode or Trophy Race, and purple-colored cards have missions in Cookie Trials and one mission for any game mode. There was also an event-exclusive Rainbow card. Rewards have no correlation to the mission, and each day's rewards are the same for every player, regardless of their randomized Daily Quests.

Most Daily Quests are easily completed in normal gameplay, as long as the correct game mode is run in.

Brown Quests

Icon Quest
Daily quest jump.png Jump or Double Jump 100 times (total)
Daily quest obstacle.png Destroy 300 obstacles (total)
Basic Jelly Lv 1.png Collect 4000 Jellies (total)
Coin 001.png Collect 5000 Coins (total, Coin bonus effect n/a)
Jelly Mission.png Receive Jelly Mission Reward 2 times
Daily quest run.png Run for 300 sec (total)

Blue Quests

Breakout Mode
Icon Quest
Daily quest breakout.png Slide for 20 sec in Breakout (total)
Collect 3000 Jellies in Breakout (total)
Jump or Double Jump 50 times in Breakout (total)
Collect 1500 Bear Jellies in Breakout (total)
Run for 60 sec in Breakout without colliding (single run)
Trophy Race
Icon Quest
Trophy Champion League.png Collect 10 Potions in Trophy Race (All Lands/Practice, total)
Collect 1000 Yellow Bear Jellies in Trophy Race (All Lands/Practice, total)
Collect 2000 Bear Jellies in Trophy Race (All Lands/Practice, total)
Double Jump 70 times in Trophy Race (All Lands/Practice, total)
Destroy 300 obstacles in Trophy Race (All Lands/Practice, total)

Purple Quests

Icon Quest
Daily quest run.png Run for 400 sec without colliding (single run)
Cookie0001 head.png Run for 70 sec without colliding in GingerBrave's Trial (single run)
Cookie0019 head.png Activate skill 5 times in Hero Cookie's Trial (single run)
Cookie0051 head.png Collect 800 Cherry Blossom Jellies in Cherry Blossom Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0116 head.png Collect 2000 Whipped Cream Jellies in Whipped Cream Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0062 head.png Slide for 45 sec in White Choco Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0038 head.png Collect 500 Gem Jellies in Adventurer Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0042 head.png Collect 150 Blackberry Jellies in Blackberry Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0121 head.png Collect 8000 Coins in Chili Pepper Cookie's Trial (total, Coin bonus effect n/a)
Cookie0047 head.png Destroy 400 obstacles in Red Pepper Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0122 head.png Activate skill 3 times in Grapefruit Cookie's Trial (single run)
Cookie0070 head.png
Cookie0052 head.png Collect 800 Yellow Bear Jellies in Lemon Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0123 head.png Collect 600 Alphabet Jellies in Salt Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0016 head.png Collect 15000 Coins in Pirate Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0054 head.png Collect 1000 Lime Juice Jellies in Lime Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0124 head.png Collect 10000 Coins in Squid Ink Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0007 head.png Destroy 400 obstacles in Ninja Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0024 head.png Collect 2000 Bear Jellies in Kumiho Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0126 head.png Collect 2000 Jellies in Pomegranate Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0012 head.png Collect 35 Potions in Angel Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0127 head.png Collect 4000 Alphabet Jellies in DJ Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0067 head.png Destroy 250 obstacles in Roll Cake Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0101 head.png Collect 700 Popcorn Jellies in Popcorn Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0030 head.png Collect 30 of any kind of Potion in Snow Sugar Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0130 head.png Collect 1000 Alphabet Jellies in Marshmallow Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0060 head.png Collect 1200 Card Jellies in Cinnamon Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0025 head.png Collect 3500 Jellies in Wizard Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0131 head.png
Cookie0066 head.png Collect 250 Loving Heart Jellies in Cotton Candy Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0132 head.png Collect 30 Carrot Jellies in Carrot Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0133 head.png Collect 30 Bolt Jellies in Beet Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0134 head.png Destroy 150 obstacles in Purple Yam Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0103 head.png Destroy 200 obstacles in Dark Choco Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0135 head.png Activate skill 5 times in Milk Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0136 head.png Collect 7 of any kind of Potion in Ion Cookie Robot's Trial (total)
Cookie0137 head.png Collect 60 Rainbow Bear Jellies in Cyborg Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0064 head.png Activate skill 4 times in Dino-Sour Cookie's Trial (total)
Cookie0041 head.png
Cookie0139 head.png
Cookie0056 head.png

Rainbow Quest

Icon Quest
Daily quest new.png Run with 7 Cookies in Breakout Main Episode

This Daily Quest was available for a few days during the beginning of Season 4, and gave a fixed reward of 300 Crystals.

Possible Rewards

After completing a Daily Quest, there is the option to watch an advertisement for an additional reward. Royal Club Members get the bonus without having to watch the ad.

Reward Bonus
Coin 001.png 50,000 +10,000
Coin 001.png 70,000 +15,000
CookieRunCrystal.png 70 +20
CookieRunCrystal.png 30 +10
Rainbow Cube.png 50 +10
Rescue Ticket.png 5 +1
Breakout Replay Ticket.png 5 +2