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Rainbow Cubes are a currency in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. They are exclusively used to buy Costumes, cosmetics which give extra bonuses to Cookies. Rainbow Cubes are rare compared to other currencies, but as more costumes have been added, Cubes have become easier to obtain.

Obtaining Rainbow Cubes

Rainbow Cubes are uncommon due to the mostly optional nature of costumes. The most consistent way to earn them without watching ads or spending real money is the Magic Laboratory. 200 Rainbow Cubes can be crafted at once, with a cooldown of three days. Rainbow Cubes are available in smaller amounts from Daily Quests or from Lobby rewards. They are also available from completing a certain amount of Diary Missions and can be bought in the Diary Shop. Cookies who give Rainbow Cubes will give 10 or 12 per day based on their Affection. The Island of Memories daily reward also has a chance to give five Rainbow Cubes. During events, there is often an opportunity for the player to obtain larger amounts of Rainbow Cubes. Most events do not give Rainbow Cubes, but events that do usually give 100, 200, 300 or 500 Cubes.

Rainbow Cube Magic Laboratory Recipe
Solid Violet Sugar Crystal.png + Solid Blue Sugar Crystal.png + Pale Cube.png + Coin 001.png 100,000 = Rainbow Cube.png
Solid Violet Sugar Crystal ×2 Solid Blue Sugar Crystal ×2 Pale Cube ×2 Rainbow Cube ×200

Rainbow Cube Roulette

Cheesecake Cookie presents the Roulette wheel.

In addition to the typical currency ad rewards in the Mailbox, there is a special ad reward for Rainbow Cubes accessed from the Package Shop. After watching an ad, players are allowed to spin a carnival wheel to determine how many Rainbow Cubes they receive. The wheel has 24 spaces, with eight spaces having a value of 10 Rainbow Cubes, eight spaces having a value of 20, four spaces with a value of 30, and four smaller spaces, two with values of 100, one with a value of 300, and one with a value of 500. There is a limited amount of ads to watch, and Royal Club members get three extra spins.

Curious Rainbow Mine

Main article: Curious Rainbow Mine

Running in the Curious Rainbow Mine.

While other Events can give decent amounts of Cubes, the recurring Curious Rainbow Mine event is specifically about earning large amounts. Up to 225 Rainbow Cubes can be earned per daily run in the Rainbow Cube Depot, once it is fully leveled up. This is the only place to see Rainbow Cubes during gameplay.

Using Rainbow Cubes

Rainbow Cubes are only used at the Costume Shop and Gacha. At the Gacha, it costs Rainbow Cube.png390 for one costume or Rainbow Cube.png1,900 for five costumes, which saves 50 cubes. At the Costume Shop, only Common and Rare costumes can be bought, and they cost up to Rainbow Cube.png1,480, but the player is able to choose exactly which costume they want.