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Random Boost is one of the boosts that can be used in Cookie Run. It will give the player a random exclusive boost. It can be bought for Coin 001.png 1,200 (GP.png +10) on the first purchase. If players are not satisfied with the boost, players can replace the boost with another random boost for Coin 001.png 600 (GP.png +5). Players are guaranteed to have a different random boost in their rebuy, but the tossed random boost may reappear after a few times of shuffling. Most effects from Random Boost stack with other powers from cookies, pets, and equipped treasures.

List of Random Boost

Boost Effect
Energy Drains 15% slower Slows the energy drain by 15%
30% less energy drain when colliding with obstacles When you hit an obstacle, it will take 30% less energy than usual.
Revives with 80 Energy 1 time After you ran out of energy, the cookie will revive once with 80 energy.
17% Base speed increase The cookie will run 17% faster.
Invincibility rate of 70% to collisions 70% chance of obstacles you hit will not lose your energy.
Gold Coins Boost Each Coin Jelly, Treasure or Pet will turn obstacles into gold coins, not silver coins.
15% Points Bonus 15% points bonus added at the end of the game.
Magnetic Aura The cookie will have a magnetic aura. It stacks with other magnetic aura powers.
Lifts from hole 2 times The cookie will lift up to 2 times when falls into a hole.
Potion restores 20% more Energy 20% more energy earned from each Energy Potion.
Double Coins Double your coin earning at the end of the game.

Retired Boost

Boost Gift Points Effect
Cookie Relay +10 (+5 if rebuy) Cookie Relay will be automatically used after the cookie run out of energy. The original boost will not be used. This is dropped in the New World Update.
Fast Start +10 (+5 if rebuy) Gives an automatic Fast Start boost at the beginning of a game. The original boost will not be used. This is dropped in Wrath of The Red Dragon Update.


  • On June 28, 2016, at the beginning of "Wrath of The Dragon" season, Cookie Run reported that they have made some changes to the Random Boost. Those included:
    • Increasing the probability of "Double Coins"
    • Removing "Fast Start"
    • Decreasing "25% Slower Energy Drain" to 15% - the first since the beginning of Cookie Run
    • Decreasing "30% Base speed increase" to 17% - also the first time.
    • Decreasing "25% more Energy from Potions" to 20% - also the first time.