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Quote1.png Only I can see your true worth! Quote2.png
―Roguefort Cookie

Roguefort Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on September 10, 2019, alongside the Pet, Lord Crumbles III. The Cookie steals Jewel Jellies and escapes with them for points.


Infiltrates a museum at certain intervals. After procuring the entire collection of Jewel Jellies, searchlights will light up to find the intruder. Avoid the searchlights to earn a significant amount of Vanish Points. Once the searchlights fade, Police Cookies will be in pursuit as Roguefort Cookie glides to safety. Level Up for more Vanish Points.

Magic Candy

Jewel Jellies will glisten more radiantly. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points for Jewel Jellies.


"Hearken to me, dear Cookies. Upon starlight's glow I will make my appearance to embrace the brightest of jewels." Once Phantom Bleu's calling card arrives, the jewel in question is already as good as gone! The once great Blue Cheese manor, deep in taste and a long history tracing back to the aging caves of old, fell from grace. From its remnants appeared one who always manages to captivate everyone's attention: Roguefort Cookie! Armed with an air of refinement and elegance, this mysterious Cookie's fatal charm can steal hearts with just a mere glimpse. Some Cookies find themselves looking forward to receiving a calling card! A meticulous planner and unpredictable trickster, Roguefort Cookie is able to appear and disappear within the blink of an eye. A certain detective is always on the heels of this enigmatic figure. But even then, this charmer leaves behind clues, adding a flair of grandiose suspense!

Cookie0142z01 head.png This Cookie's arrival took the ball by storm. With such skills in dancing and speechcraft, an air of caution is needed, for a split second is all it takes to steal both jewels and hearts.



Level Energy Skill
1 172 Vanish Lv.1
15 298 Vanish Lv.15

Loading Messages


  • Only I can see your true worth!


  • An honor to meet a jewel such as yourself.
  • No use in hiding, my friend.
  • You may call me Phantom Bleu.
  • Whose heart shall I steal today?
  • Only true jewels will shine eternal.
  • One logical answer? Sounds rather...dull.
  • I will make my appearance at moonrise.
  • No jewels will escape my grasp.
  • Need a hint?



Daily Gift

  • A jewel for a lovely jewel!


  • Why yes, disguises are my specialty.
  • I am not warranted such a compliment.
  • Phantom Bleu, at your service.
  • Perhaps I will make an unannounced visit?
  • Bear Jellies? How laughable.
  • Ah, a fellow jewel enthusiast, I presume?
  • Perhaps it is time to adorn my calling cards.
  • Jewels cannot be valued by worth alone.


Phantom Raven equipped



Relationship Chart



  • Roguefort Cookie is referred to as "Phantom Thief Cookie" in other languages.
  • Roguefort Cookie has terms or pronouns leaning to a much more masculine presentation than the English version of the game provided in all other languages of the game, including the original Korean, and with the Japanese translation outright using a male term. It is unknown why Roguefort Cookie is entirely unspecified in English, but it is possible that it is because of the disguise being used, and it may equate to Sandwich Cookie using they/them pronouns in the Cheery Mascot costume, as it is also a "disguise" of sorts. It should be noted that Roguefort Cookie is never called they/them in any actual in-game flavor text in the English translation, and it is only said by Cookies that would not know Roguefort Cookie personally, as well as Roguefort Cookie saying it to Yogurt Cream Cookie while trying to pretend to be talking about someone else. This does not confirm Roguefort Cookie's gender identity one way or the other as Roguefort Cookie could very well be intended to be something different from the other translations in the English translation, so, due to current circumstantial evidence, there is not enough information to properly discern the translation's current intent.
  • During Roguefort Cookie's skill, one of the Jewel Jellies that spawns greatly resembles the Sea Fairy Cookie Jelly earned by obtaining max affection with Sea Fairy Cookie, even appearing to have some qualities of Sugarteara on it. This is made more possible to potentially be in reference to Sea Fairy Cookie due to the Tower of Frozen Waves appearing in the background of Roguefort Cookie's Trial for currently unknown reasons.
    • Interestingly, the Jelly is stated to look like Sea Fairy Cookie's heart, while Roguefort Cookie has a line about stealing hearts.
  • Despite Roguefort Cookie being Walnut Cookie's greatest rival, she still does not know Roguefort Cookie's real identity.
  • "Roguefort" is likely a combination of the word "rogue" and "roquefort," a type of blue cheese.
  • Phantom Bleu is likely a pun on both blue cheese and the French phrase "sacré bleu," although alternatively it could just be because "bleu" is French for "blue."
  • Roguefort Cookie may be a reference to the infamous fictional thief Arsène Lupin.