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Quote1.png 0Ooo0ooOo! Quote2.png
―Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on July 15th, 2020, alongside the Pet, Helmsman Will. The Cookie transforms into a Sorbet Shark and charges through obstacles, collecting Sunken Treasure Jellies.


Once upon a time, there was a shark that lived in the deep blue sea. This curious swimmer often popped up to the surface to watch the pirates party on their ships. The shark yearned to join the Cookies for these parties, but they always ran away. Saddened, the shark disappeared into the sea for ages. Until suddenly...Sorbet Shark Cookie burst forth from the depths! This Cookie's voice can only make bubble noises, is a slow and wobbly runner, and gets soggy in the water just like everyone else. But even so, Sorbet Shark Cookie is always wearing a bright smile! After all, the world above the sea is vast and there's so many things to see!



Transforms into a Sorbet Shark when the gauge is full. While swimming, destroy underwater obstacles and collect Sunken Treasure Jellies for points and Coins. Use the Dash button to temporarily swim faster. When the Cookie's Energy reaches below a certain point, swimming speed and underwater destruction points are greatly increased. Level Up for more underwater destruction points and points for Sunken Treasure Jellies.

Candy0160 l.png Magic Candy

Telescope Jellies appear at certain intervals. Collecting Telescope Jellies will fill a counter. Hold down the Slide button to fill a gauge while the counter is active. Once the gauge is full, Sorbet Shark Cookie will discover the whereabouts of Hidden Treasure Jellies. However, if the Slide button is released before the gauge is filled, the gauge will reset and Sorbet Shark Cookie must repeat the process. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points for Hidden Treasure Jellies.

Potential Blessings
Type Normal Rare Epic Legendary
Bonus points for Gold Coins 20~80 100~180 250~350 450~530
Bonus points for all Jellies 5~15 30~40 60~80 100~120
Extra destruction points 300~800 1300~1600 2300~2700 3300~3700
Bonus points for Frozen Bear Jellies 350~500 600~800 900~1100 1300~1500



Level Energy Skill
1 181 Sorbet Shark Transformation Lv.1
15 307 Sorbet Shark Transformation Lv.15

Loading Messages


  • 0Ooo0ooOo!


  • 0! OO!
  • 000OOOooo0...
  • OOOO0OO0O!
  • OOooooOoO?
  • oOooo00O0!?
  • oo000OOO0ooo?
  • Oo0o0o0ooo!



Daily Gift

  • 00Oo0Oooo0!


  • I once saved a Cookie that fell into the ocean!
  • 0O0o00Oooo?
  • 0O0OOO000!
  • I've seen the blue waters of the ocean for too long!
  • I still don't have my land legs yet...
  • Oo0oo000oO!
  • I jumped into the ocean! Can you understand me now?
  • Oo0oo000oO!
  • ooOOO0OOO!


Relationship Chart


Bug Fixes


  • Sorbet Shark Cookie's only lines that are not some mixtures of "o0O" are in the lobby, when the Cookie can transform back into a shark.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie bears similarities to both Kumiho Cookie and Cream Unicorn Cookie. The former of the two for also heavily yearning to be a Cookie (which is referenced in Kumiho Cookie's Relationship Chart), and the latter for being a potentially rather old Cookie who has an animal form.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie appears to have only recently gained the ability to turn into a Cookie, and it is unknown how. It seems that prior to having the ability, the shark was sad and alone for quite a long time.
  • According to Pirate Cookie's Relationship Chart, the Cookie that Sorbet Shark Cookie saved was him.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie's Relationship Chart was mistakenly listed as "Friendly" with Squid Ink Cookie for a brief time after release. This was fixed to Tension, naturally, seeing as Sorbet Shark Cookie's Trial consists of Squid Ink Cookie trying to attack and possibly kill Sorbet Shark Cookie.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie was a design of contention among the developers prior to release, with concerns expressed about how different the design was from normal. After release, a team member apologized for ever being negative towards the design.[1]
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie was based on The Little Mermaid.[1]