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Spirit Potions are items used to gain level ups for Cookies and Pets without needing to obtain specific copies of them. Each Spirit Potion counts as one copy of an Epic, seven copies of a Rare, and thirty copies of a Common. Spirit Potions can't be used to upgrade Legendary or Special Cookies and Pets, but Special Spirit Potions, an Event-exclusive yellow variant, can be used to obtain copies of a Special Cookie or Pet. Spirit Potions can only be used on Cookies and Pets that have been unlocked and found.

Obtaining Spirit Potions

Spirit Potions are obtained primarily from Cookie Trials and Trophy Race. During a New Cookie Cup in Cookie Trials, more Spirit Potions are available from Trial Goals, and after the New Cookie Cup concludes, all players who reached Diamond will receive Spirit Potions based on their relative score. In later Lands of Trophy Race, Gold Chests are guaranteed to contain one Spirit Potion each, along with other valuables. This adds up over time, since it is good practice to be regularly opening Gold Chests.

Spirit Potions are also obtained from Events and crafted in the Magic Laboratory. If a great surplus of Magic Powder is stored up, it can be converted into Blue Bottles and Solid Blue Sugar Crystals to create Spirit Potions, but note they can only be crafted every three days.

Spirit Potion Magic Laboratory Recipe
Solid Blue Sugar Crystal.png + Blue Bottle.png + Coin 001.png 200,000 = Spirit Potion.png
Solid Blue Sugar Crystal ×7 Blue Bottle ×7 Spirit Potion ×10

Special Spirit Potions are only obtained from Events, and only rarely.

Using Spirit Potions

Spirit Potions are spent from the detail menu pages for the Cookie or Pet they are intended to be used on. Following complaints from players who accidentally used a large amount of Potions on a single Cookie, there will be a confirmation message if all the owned Spirit Potions are used on one Cookie or Pet.

Spirit Potions are best spent on Epic Cookies and Pets. Rare units are regularly received from all forms of Cookie Chest or Pet Egg, and Common units are not especially valuable. Cookies and Pets included in currently active New Cookie Cups are a good investment for Spirit Potions, as reaching Diamond will help the player earn more Spirit Potions back. Cookies and Pets that currently score well in Trophy Race are also a wise investment, but units currently available in Guild Runs and Champions League can be worth upgrading, and any Epic units that the player wishes to upgrade are not a bad choice.