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Quote1.png Hey you, I wanna see your schematics! Quote2.png
―Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on April 22nd, 2021. He is a Defense Cookie who is automatically sent to the Front of the team unless there are already two Cookies occupying it.

He has no Bonds.

His unique Cookie Decor is the Wafflebot Workshop, located in the Land of Peace & Healing set.


Sweet strawberry cream, crispy waffles, and chubby fresh strawberries-is there a cuter combination? Meet Strawberry Crepe Cookie with an unyielding sparkle of curiosity in the eyes. And this curiosity is a force to be reckoned with: Strawberry Crepe Cookie will stop at nothing to find an answer to every question! Having grown up with Wafflebots, this Cookie preferred tinkering with robotic parts to playing with toys. This little genius's cute waffle headset is a tiny engineering marvel on its own. But don't touch it! Or you risk witnessing a change from the cute Strawberry Crepe Cookie to the furious one.


60px Crepe Thrust

Uses the giant crepe arms to cause area damage. Reduces DMG received by two Cookies with the lowest max HP. (Skill cannot be applied to summoned allies.)

Single hit damage: ()% +50.0% DMG Resist over 8.0 sec



  • Hey you, I wanna see your schematics!


  • I'm gonna do what I want!
  • Too noisy! Wafflebots are always quiet.
  • Hmm, how much weight will it take to crumble Muscle Cookie?
  • Machines won't last long without proper care!
  • What dull place! Maybe I should annihilate it!
  • So boring! Make me laugh, NOW!
  • Why are there so many Cookies here?
  • Hmm, how long will it take to liquefy a Sugar Gnome?!
  • Stop poking me! I hate it!
  • Hmm, can GingerBrave outrun a supersonic missile?

Selection Menu

  • How curious! Can I reverse engineer that?!
  • You there! Do you know how Cookies are made?
  • Too long! I must debug this loading time.
  • Your confusion matrix needs calibration!
  • Cookies crumble too easily! But I can install upgrades...
  • A Cookie was damaged? We must repair them!


Level Up


  • What did you do? Can you do that again?!
  • Now I understand! I just need to re-assemble that...





Bug Fixes