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Supreme Cookie Chest is a type of Chest found in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. It was released on August 30th, 2017, as part of the Season 2 update, replacing the Frozen Diamond Chest.

When opened, the Chest will provide 230 total copies of Cookies. These copies are all guaranteed to be from the pool of unlocked Rare and Epic class Cookies, with a 1% chance for an unlocked Legendary Cookie to appear at the end. 40 of the copies will be Epic Cookies, while the other 190 will be Rare Cookies, with any possible Legendary Cookie taking up a spare spot.

This Chest type is the same price as the Special Cookie Chest and contains the same total amount of Cookies, with the same classes of Cookies. The difference is the Supreme Cookie Chest has an equal chance of having any Epic Cookie, while the Special Cookie Chest has a restricted pool of potential draws and allows the user to choose up to two Cookies to increase their odds.

The Supreme Cookie Chest is recommended over cheaper Chests, due to the importance of obtaining a multitude of Epic Cookies. There are many Epic Cookies and this chest can contain any of them, so it is less useful for focusing on fully upgrading specific Cookies than the Special Cookie Chest. Yet the pool of Cookies available in the Special Cookie Chest may not be Cookies the player wants, in which case this Chest would be the better option. Players not worried about which specific Cookies they draw can open either one. It should also be noted that Special Cookie Chests are unobtainable from the Magic Laboratory and are a less frequent Event reward than Supreme Cookie Chests.

Supreme Cookie Chest Magic Laboratory Recipe
Ancient Cookie Chest.png + Bent Golden Key.png + Diamond Hammer.png + Coin 001.png 150,000 (Once per 14 days) = Supreme Cookie Chest.png
Ancient Cookie Chest ×8 Bent Golden Key ×3 Diamond Hammer ×1 Supreme Cookie Chest ×1