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The City of Wizards is the fourth episode of Cookie Run, released on May 15, 2015 alongside the debut of the new season, Cookie Run: The City of Wizards. It was first revealed by a microsite in Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand, which allows users to pre-register for the next season to get 100 crystals and Cream Puff Cookie.

This episode is the main highlight of the season, with the name of the season being the name of this episode as well.

This stage contains seven Mystery Jewels, all-new ingredients, and feature a new L-grade Cookie, the Moonlight Cookie. In addition, this episode will be filled with Dark Moon Jelly, a new jelly that is unattractable by Magnetic Aura, but gives tons of points if obtained.

The story directly connects with Dragon's Valley, as seen in the loading page, where the cookie has just escaped from the Flaming Dragon's Nest.


The new episode came first through the Kakao version of Cookie Run back on February 1st. It was an unexpected update viewed by LINE users, but seeing that the game is still updating means that LINE will get to the same season at any time soon.

On Mid-April, a Thai informer gave what appears to be a leaked newsletter, stating that the new season will come on May 15. Although the newsletter was proven to be false, it doesn't stop the speculation that the new season is coming soon.

New Episode Select Screen.

On April 18, Android users reported that they can see the new episode in the Episode Select Screen. Although they can see the theme of the new episode, users cannot select the episode since there is no icon to tap on.

On late April, a microsite in both LINE Japan and Thailand has launched, describing what appears to be an announcement for the upcoming season of Cookie Run. It was described in Japanese and Thailand, but the video attached is in English, which confirms the title of both the upcoming season and the new episode.

Dark Moon Jelly

On May 3rd, another microsite in Indonesian language has launched, using the "EN" page. The site confirms the name of the L-grade Cookie, and the new Cookies and Pets, as well as the new jelly, Dark Moon Jelly.

On May 15, Cookie Run eventually updated to the new season and released Episode 4.

Episode Summary

It's the city where all Cookie wizards will unite forces and
return the Cookie Kingdom to its former glory! But the
town is empty! And no one is sure who actually built this
town. What's going on here? Mystery~~!


This episode contains 10 stages. It is as long, if not longer than the ones in Dragon's Valley. The stage are much more dynamic, with obstacles that can convert themselves to pitholes, expanding and shrinking obstacles, and confusing stages.

Although the obstacles can create pitholes, it can be destroyed. Destroying said obstacles can prevent pitholes from being created.


1. Moonlight Valley

Having just escaped from the Flaming Dragon's Nest, the player makes their way to the City of Wizards. This stage is relatively simple to maneuver, as all obstacles are static.


2. Entrance to the City of Wizards

There is a misspelling in the title of the stage. Here, obstacles drop from the top of the screen onto the platform, and moving obstacles approach the player in large hordes.


3. Empty Town

In this stage, lightning bolts which resemble those in Dragon's Valley can be found. Obstacles can be found hanging in mid-air, and players must be very careful not to hit them while jumping.


4. Dangerous Magic Shop

A new type of obstacle is introduced in this stage. Shaking vials explode and melt the platform under them. Players must watch out for these obstacles.


5. Suspicious Greenhouse

Two new types of obstacles are introduced here, an obstacle that grows out of the ground when the player approaches and obstacles floating mid-air that may expand or shrink. Players are advised to follow the jelly trail as these obstacles can be rather unpredictable.


6. Dining Table

This stage may appear easier than the previous one, but players must jump carefully lest they hit carefully-placed obstacles.


7. Old Library

In this stage, worm-like obstacles may pop out of hanging obstacles, or stretch themselves to become larger obstacles.

  • The theme of this stage may be inspired by the word "Bookworm."
  • The second Mystery Box can be found here.

8. Clock Tower Exterior

This stage combines obstacles from previous stages. This stage features two wizards as an exclusive obstacle. The red wizard moves to the left, toward the player, and the blue wizard moves slightly to the right after player passed it.


9. Clock Tower's Spiral Staircase

This stage mostly consists of ascending and descending platforms which require the player to jump continuously in order to stay on the platform. Obstacles may be found on the platforms.


10. Clock Tower Top

A large robot appears in front of the player. The player cannot remove or collide into this robot. This robot shoots lasers that damage the player if they are shot. The player must not only anticipate the lasers, but also avoid numerous obstacles present in the stage.

It is a challenge for professional players to reach the end of this stage, because up to this point, no one is able to reach the end.

As "Wrath of the Dragon" update, this stage is shorter than previous season, so it is possible to reach the end of the stage.

Things to Unlock



Wrath of the Dragon

Audio Gallery

Preview of The City of Wizards (in Episode map)

At the lobby of The City of Wizards

While playing at stage 1-8

Penultimate Stage

Final Stage

Bonus Time - Classic

Bonus Time - Space


  • The teaser video shows that the episode difficulty is "Normal". Although this may be true, it could have proven to be false as the teaser video is not the final version of the product and is definitely subject to change.
    • This was later confirmed to be the actual difficulty. This spawns mixed reception.
    • Since 18 May, 2016, the difficulty has been changed to 4 stars, which implies that it is harder than Dragon's Valley, which only has 3 stars.
  • The second stage contains a typographical error. The spelling should be "Entrance," not "Enterance."
    • In the latest update of New World Discovered, the title of stage 2 now added "Wizards", but still, contains a typographical error about "Enterance".
  • In the latest update of Wrath of The Dragon, the title of stage 9 is "Clock Tower's Spiral Staircase".
  • This is the first episode where the final mystery box did not land on the final stage.
    • After Wrath of The Dragon update, the final mystery box now landed on the final stage.
  • This is also the first episode where the semi-final stage has its own music.
  • Until the Wrath of The Dragon update, no one is able to reach the end of the final stage in this episode.
  • This is the first episode, thus far, that has the shortest release time difference from the Kakao version, with three months and 14 days. It was later beaten by Dessert Paradise, with only one month and 27 days.
  • Since the release, Episode 4 featured all-new ingredients, which most of the ingredients have no possible combination bonus.
    • The combination bonuses were added later on 14 August 2015.
  • Skating Queen Cookie has the ability to prevent falling into holes in Stage 4 without the help of any treasures, pets or abilities due to her freezing the ground to skate on beforehand.
  • This is the first episode where the first mystery box did not appear on the fourth stage, it appeared on the third stage.
    • After Wrath of The Dragon update, the first mystery box now appear on the fourth stage.
  • Contrary to Popular belief, Dragon's Valley still have longer stages than this episode, but the final stage is shorter.