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Quote1.png Tired of running? Want to become dough again? Quote2.png
Cookie0167 head.png Timekeeper Cookie

Timekeeper Cookie is a Legendary Cookie released on November 12th, 2020, with two combi pets: Continuum Cog and Cosmos Gear. She enters wormholes and distorts time with the Sonic Embroider for points.

Her release followed Croissant Cookie's debut, as a part of Operation Timeguard update.

She can be obtained by exchanging Season Points at the Champions Shop or exchanging Light Spheres at the Breakout Shop.


A rip in the spacetime continuum appears in the air before your very eyes. Disbelief leads to shock as a small shadow appears from the torn fabric of reality, prompting nearby clocks to go haywire. Timekeeper Cookie rides upon the Sonic Embroider, cruising along the waves of time in solitude. Existing within multiple points in spacetime, Timekeeper Cookie is both present and absent at once. Perhaps this power allows Timekeeper Cookie to evade the agents of the Time Balance Department (TBD) with such effortless ease. But is this too much power for a single Cookie? With but a snap, a Cookie's dough can instantly revert back into flour and sugar. With a single blink, even fallen kingdoms and shattered realms return to their former glory. This all-powerful chronokinetic seems to act on a whim, disregarding the dangers and risks of time travel. After plunging the world into disarray, the time-traveler watches events unfold with a sly smile. Is the power to control time a mere means to stave off boredom?

Timekeeper Cookie Jelly.png One is not always born with their name.


SkillBook cookie0167.png

Uses the Sonic Embroider to enter wormholes at certain intervals. While inside, repeatedly tap the Sonic Embroider and creating time rifts will grant points. After creating a giant time rift, Timekeeper Cookie is able to bend the time-space continuum and blink forward 2 times. Blinking forward will attract all nearby Jellies and grant Time Blink Points. Level Up for more points when creating time rifts and more Time Blink Points. (Within the wormhole, time dilation causes Energy to drain slower and extend the duration of Power Jelly effects by 50%.)

Candy0167 l.png Magic Candy

After each time blink, a Magic Time Rune is drawn at the end of the distance traveled. The rune shows a certain point of time, and a large amount of Time Jellies are created in the center of the rune. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points for Time Jellies.

Potential Blessings
Type Normal Rare Epic Legendary
Bonus points for Yellow Bear Jellies 20~80 100~300 400~600 900~1050
Bonus points for Pink Bear Jellies 50~200 300~500 600~800 1000~1200
Bonus points for Bear Jellies 10~50 80~130 200~250 350~400
Extra points for all Jellies 5~15 30~40 60~80 100~120


Level Energy Skill
1 180 Time Rift Creation Lv.1
15 306 Time Rift Creation Lv.15

Loading Messages


  • Do you desire to change your past?
  • Speak your destination! The past? The future?
  • Tired of running? Want to become dough again?
  • What is the matter? Your problem was erased.
  • I can repair anything. Even time itself!
  • Wish to see a time rift?
  • Why change time? Because I can and it is fun.
  • The end justifies the means...!
  • Restore the kingdom? Quite a cinch, really.
  • Are you not curious about your future?


  • Not this future...


Daily Gift

  • Your future will require these.


  • When and why are you here?
  • The TBD is incompetent. They have no idea who I am!
  • Spontaneity... Music to my ears!
  • Where would you like to go, hmm?
  • All it will take is a mere snap...!
  • I have forgotten something... My past self does not remember.
  • The rusty haze of time rifts are quite cozy indeed. (Like hint)
  • Someone dropped a winding key into a time rift? (Dislike hint)


  • Reminds me of cogwheels found in time rifts. (Given Brown Sugar Crystal)
  • Maybe I'll put it on my hat! (Given Time Cog)
  • I knew you were going to give me this. (Neutral)
  • Who dropped this? I must find them! (Given Broken Key Fragment)

Relationship Chart

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  • November 12th, 2020
    • Added to the game.
  • December 31th, 2021
    • This Cookie received a new Costume, Cookie0167z01 head.png Ruler of the Ephemeral Flow.
    • Changed so that points are obtained even while pressing the Scissor button.
    • The Slide button will now instantly reappear after the points for the third Time Rift are obtained.
    • Added number indicator for remaining Time Blinks on the left side of the gauge.
  • January 14th, 2022
    • Magic Candy added: After each time blink, a Magic Time Rune is drawn at the end of the distance traveled.
    • Increased cooldown time and faster Energy drain in wormholes.
    • Increased Cosmos Gear's combi point bonus for time rifts.
    • Time Blink Points increased.


  • Timekeeper Cookie is the future self of Croissant Cookie. However, the current Croissant Cookie has aimed to not become the same as her.
  • Timekeeper Cookie is the first instance of a Cookie having the same Pet as another Cookie, in this case, having Cosmos Gear, the same Pet as Croissant Cookie. Naturally, this is because they are the same Cookie in reality.
  • Despite having a similar power to control time as Millennial Tree Cookie, albeit manufactured rather than always having it, Timekeeper Cookie sees him as a rival, wanting to become stronger than him. Millennial Tree Cookie, on the other hand, finds her to be misusing the power of time.
  • Timekeeper Cookie's Affection Jelly as well as Croissant Cookie's existence, proves that Cookies do not always start out having the same name, and they may change based on events in their life.
  • The Magic Time Rune created by Timekeeper Cookie's Magic Candy displays the current time the time blink has finished activating.