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Quote1.png Why change time? Because I can and it is fun. Quote2.png
―Timekeeper Cookie

Timekeeper Cookie is a Legendary Cookie released on November 12th, 2020. Though she was not released with a Pet, she uses another Cookie's Pet as her Combi, Cosmos Gear.


A rip in the spacetime continuum appears in the air before your very eyes. Disbelief leads to shock as a small shadow appears from the torn fabric of reality, prompting nearby clocks to go haywire. Timekeeper Cookie rides upon the Sonic Embroider, cruising along the waves of time in solitude. Existing within multiple points in spacetime, Timekeeper Cookie is both present and absent at once. Perhaps this power allows Timekeeper Cookie to evade the agents of the Time Balance Department (TBD) with such effortless ease. But is this too much power for a single Cookie? With a snap, a Cookie's dough can instantly revert into flour and sugar. With a single blink, even fallen kingdoms and shattered realms return to their former glory. This all-powerful chronokinetic seems to act on a whim, disregarding the dangers and risks of time travel. After plunging the world into disarray, the time-traveler watches events unfold with a sly smile. Is the power to control time a mere means to stave off boredom?


SkillBook cookie0167.png



Level Energy Skill
1 180 Time Rift Creation Lv.1
5 306 Time Rift Creation Lv.1

Loading Messages


  • Why change time? Because I can and it is fun.
  • Wish to see a time rift?
  • What is the matter? Your problem was erased.
  • Are you not curious about your future?
  • Tired of running? Want to become dough again?
  • Restore the kingdom? Quite a cinch, really.
  • Do you desire to change your past?



Daily Gift


  • Where would you like to go, hmm?
  • When and why are you here?
  • The TBD is incompetent. They have no idea who I am!
  • to my ears!


  • I knew you were going to give me this. (Neutral)

Relationship Chart


Bug Fixes


  • Timekeeper Cookie is the future self of Croissant Cookie. However, the current Croissant Cookie has aimed to not become the same as her.
  • Timekeeper Cookie is the first instance of a Cookie having the same Pet as another Cookie, in this case, having Cosmos Gear, the same Pet as Croissant Cookie. Naturally, this is because they are the same Cookie in reality.
  • Despite having a similar power to control time as Millennial Tree Cookie, albeit manufactured rather than always having it, Timekeeper Cookie sees him as a rival, wanting to become stronger than him. Millennial Tree Cookie, on the other hand, finds her to be misusing the power of time.
  • Though Croissant Cookie has a Magic Candy, Timekeeper Cookie does not.
  • Timekeeper Cookie's Affection Jelly as well as Croissant Cookie's existence, proves that Cookies do not always start out having the same name, and they may change based on events in their life.