Treasure Merchant sells three types of Treasure Chests. Good Treasure Chest for 5,000 coins, Great Treasure Chest for 12 Crystals, Supreme Treasure Chest for 25 Crystals and Supreme Treasure Chest Big Set, which offers 7 treasures, for 119 Crystals with 3 S-ranks guaranteed.

Treasure list

Four of the available treasure packages offered by the Treasure Merchant.

Good Treasure ChestsEdit

Good Treasure Chest will reward players with a variety of C- to B-rank treasures. The chest costs Coin 001 5,000.

Good Treasure Chest is perfect for beginners who seeks to up their ante during the beginning of the game, or collectors who wanted to own all treasures in the game. However, these treasure chest very rarely, if never, used by experienced players as they have ability to unlock higher tier treasure chests.

Good Treasure Chest 01
Good Treasure Chest 02
Good Treasure Chest 03
Good Treasure Chest 04
Good Treasure Chest 05

Great Treasure ChestsEdit

Great Treasure Chest will reward players with a variety of B- to A-rank treasures. The chest costs CookieRunCrystal 12.

Great Treasure Chest is for people who wanted to obtain treasures that are significantly better than C-grade treasures and also for people who are on a crystal budget. Normally, players who have obtained many crystals will spend their luck on Supreme Treasure Chest.

Great Treasure Chest 01
Great Treasure Chest 02
Great Treasure Chest 03
Great Treasure Chest 04
Great Treasure Chest 05

Supreme Treasure ChestsEdit

Supreme Treasure Chest will reward players with a variety of A- to the most famous S-rank treasures. The chest costs CookieRunCrystal 25 for one treasure chest, or CookieRunCrystal 119 for the Big Set, which gives a whopping seven treasure chests. If the Big Set is purchased, at least 3 of the treasures will be S-rank.

Supreme Treasure Chests are the most favorite choice of many players, being the only chest to tap on an expandingly large library of S-grade treasures. However the cost to open can be very high, even with the Big Set, and therefore players will need to collect more crystals by buying or by completing events and achievements.

In addition, players will get a crystal discount if the player decides to buy another treasure chest package consecutively. Shall the dialog box with the discount price be closed, the discount offer will be rejected, and the player will have to pay standard price for their next purchase. The discounted prices are CookieRunCrystal 20 for one, and CookieRunCrystal 108 for seven.

Supreme Treasure Chest 1 Supreme Treasure Chest 2 Supreme Treasure Chest 3 Supreme Treasure Chest 4 Supreme Treasure Chest 5


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