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A Race (also known Trophy Race) as is a competition for the highest scores with other Cookies. The final ranking in a Race is determined by the score you get in a given period of time.

If you think you are ready for REAL competition, you can simply tap the big 'PLAY' button on the main screen to participate in a Race.

The Race begins as soon as all the opponents join the competition. Once you join, you cannot quit the Race until it's over.

If you don't feel like competing with anybody, you can just play Practice games. But remember that you will not receive any Trophies or Chests until you compete with other players.

If you manage to get a high rank, you will be awarded a hefty number of Trophies and a valuable chest.

Unfortunately, you will lose your Trophies if your rank is too low. And when you lose a certain number of Trophies, you will be forced to go back to the previous Land. But, you can still get a chest.

After joining a Race, you will be matched with other players who reached similar scores. You will meet stronger opponents if you keep on winning Races.

Cookie or Pet levels do not affect the matching process.

You can check your current rank in the Race by tapping on your score on the main screen. Remember, until the Race is over, EVERYTHING may change at any moment, so stay vigilant!

You have a chance to quit the Race while the game is still searching for opponents, but it is impossible to quit when the Race has already begun!

If you hold your Trophies, think twice before starting a Race you cannot finish!


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