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The Tutorial is the first thing seen in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. It introduces the basic plot and gameplay, and two game modes: Cookie Trials and Trophy Race. The Cookies GingerBrave, Hero Cookie and Popcorn Cookie and their respective Pets Choco Drop, Jellyco Cube and Picky Tomato are unlocked in the Tutorial. The Tutorial has been in the game since the beginning, but it was updated to its current form on May 29th, 2019.



  • [A close up of GingerBrave's face in The Witch's Oven is shown. He sweats a lot.]
  • [He is revealed to be on a tray with other GingerBrave-like Cookies that appear to be dead.]
  • [GingerBrave is seen from an overhead view, and he talks to the camera.]
  • GingerBrave: I can't be eaten alive like this! Help me escape this hot oven!
  • [GingerBrave is seen from an overhead view, and three options appear, "Bake & Eat", "BREAK OUT", and "Google Play Login" (on Android)]
  • [If no buttons are pressed, GingerBrave will cycle through the following quotes.]
    • It's getting hot in here!
    • No! I wanna get out of here!
    • I'm not even that tasty...
    • I refuse to be eaten alive!
    • Where is this? Inside the oven?
  • [If the "Bake & Eat" button is pressed, nothing will happen, except GingerBrave will say one of the following quotes.]
    • How... how dare you!
    • No! You HAVE to save me!
    • Are you for real?
    • Really...?

[Once "BREAK OUT" is selected, the loading screen will pop up and after it, gameplay will begin.]

The Witch's Oven

[GingerBrave is now running in The Witch's Oven.]

  • GingerBrave: Whew! I almost got eaten! But it's not safe yet! HELP ME GET OUTTA HERE! I'll tell you what's what!
  • GingerBrave: [Basic Jellies appear on the path.] These are Jellies! Jellies are YUMMY! Eat Jellies to earn points! [An arrow points out the score on the top of the screen.] The best players get LOTS of points! So following the Jellies is super important!
  • GingerBrave: Jump to get Jellies in the air! [Yellow Bear Jellies are in the air. After jumping, regardless of whether the Jellies in the air were collected] Good! Tap Jump twice to Double Jump! [Giant Bear Jellies are higher in the air. Again he continues regardless of whether the Giant Bear Jellies were collected.]
  • GingerBrave: Next up, how to avoid obstacles! [A small obstacle comes into view.] Here's one now! Jump!

[If the obstacle is avoided]

  • GingerBrave: Not bad at all! Sometimes you need to Slide under them! [A taller obstacle comes into view.] Try holding the Slide button now!
    • [If the obstacle is avoided] GingerBrave: Perfect!
    • [If GingerBrave collides with the obstacle] GingerBrave: OUCH! My head!
  • GingerBrave: [Regardless of whether he hit the obstacle] When you run into something, you'll lose Energy! When that happens... It HURTS! But look there! An Energy Potion! [A large Energy Potion comes on screen.]
  • GingerBrave: [After collecting Potion] WOOT! Potions restore Energy! Let's keep on running! Keep these in mind and you'll do just fine! I believe in you! Now GET ME OUTTA HERE!

[There is a short course here, with only Basic Jellies, and some obstacles to jump over or slide under. When GingerBrave reaches the end, the stage changes to The Witch's Kitchen.]

  • GingerBrave: Is this for real?! Freedom at last! A whole new world to explore! [GingerBrave suddenly gets a Blast ability, and runs off the screen.]


[The scene changes to the main menu Lobby. The only button visible is the PLAY button in the bottom right.]

  • GingerBrave: Thank you! Oh savior! Will you tell me your name?

[The player enters a nickname.]

  • GingerBrave: "Nickname!" Music to my ears! But no time to rest, my friend, for this is the Witch's kitchen! You must help me run far away from here! Please!

[From here, the only option is to select Play, and from there, Cookie Trials and GingerBrave's Trial, as no other modes are unlocked.]

GingerBrave's Trial

  • GingerBrave: To escape the Witch's grasp, we must get stronger! We must run as far as we can... ...and get a lot of points! And so our Trials begin!

[The Trial is played, and at least Bronze 3 Trial Goal is reached.]

  • GingerBrave: Awesome! We completed a Trial Goal! Completed Trial Goals will be highlighted in gold. Try tapping on it now! [After opening the Trial Goals] Get a higher score to reach a better rank! Reaching the goals will help us get stronger! Let's try running for Silver now! Be brave! We got this!
  • GingerBrave: [After receiving a GingerBrave copy from reaching Bronze 3] Alright! The Cookie can Level Up now! You'll know if a Cookie can be Leveled Up when it has an arrow next to them. Try tapping on it now! [The player taps GingerBrave, as no other options are available.]
  • GingerBrave: Want to make your Cookies stronger? Let me help! Collect Cookies of the same kind to upgrade them! Our skills get better with upgrades. We also get more Energy which allows us to run longer! Upgrade as many Cookies as you can!

[If the player upgrades GingerBrave, they will reach Escape Level 2. Alchemist Cookie appears on the level up screen.]

  • Alchemist Cookie: Earn Escape Points in order to increase your Escape Level! How?! By upgrading your Cookies & Pets, of course!
  • Alchemist Cookie: [An arrow points out Basic Jelly Points.] You will get more points for Jellies! [The arrow moves to Coin Bonus.] More Coins! [The arrow points out damage reduction, and Alchemist switches to the other side.] Less damage in case you bump into something! Raise your Escape Level! It's good for you!

Hero Cookie's Trial

[After reaching Silver 3 in GingerBrave's Trial and opening the Free Chest containing Hero Cookie and Jellyco Cube, Hero Cookie will speak.]

  • Hero Cookie: Hello there! My name's Hero Cookie. If you want to see more Cookie Trials, tap here. [The New Trial button is highlighted, and the player goes to the Trial selection menu.]
  • Hero Cookie: You can navigate through all of the Trials from here. If you have both the Cookie & Pet, then the Trial will be unlocked! Now, let's suit up and get ready for the next adventure!

[The player is guided to play Hero Cookie's Trial, and from the Free Chests here, they receive Popcorn Cookie, Picky Tomato, and Magic Ingredients to create Hero Cookie's Magic Candy. Obtaining Popcorn Cookie unlocks Trophy Race.]

Your First Trophy Race

[Going back to the Lobby from Cookie Trials will cause GingerBrave to speak to the player.]

  • GingerBrave: A new game mode has opened! Tap the PLAY button in the main lobby! Let's check it out!

[The player opens the Trophy Race menu, and Knight Cookie appears.]

  • Knight Cookie: I commend your skill! Time to prove your talents in battle! Here you collect Trophies by competing with your equals around the world! Brace yourself! To battle!

[From here, the game opens up, and the player can choose to play Trophy Race or freely view other menus.]



  • Before the Flames of Glory update, the section inside the Oven was more involved. Dodging was explained in more detail, and there were missions requiring the player to jump over three obstacles, double jump over three obstacles, and slide under three obstacles. Coins and Bear Jellies were explained as well.
  • GingerBright was originally guaranteed to be unlocked from the first Trophy Race, and introduced unlockable Cookies, upgrading, and Escape Level. She now appears to give information about Affection.
  • Before she is received from Hero Cookie's Trial, Popcorn Cookie's Trial claims her unlock requirement is to bless five Magic Candies, which is no longer needed.
  • Seneca the Younger was a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist, and satirist. The quote that begins the Tutorial is from Letter 85 of his Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, or Moral Letters to Lucilius.