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Units are the characters gained via Gacha mechanics in CookieWars. Units each have their own unique abilities and strengths, as well as weaknesses. Units are divided into several categories of rarity, which are further divided into subcategories based on their ability.

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Units are firstly categorized into four rarities.

Common (Wars).png Common Units

Common units are notably weak units placed into the game primarily to help players along and to be used as fusion fodder. These units should generally not be used later on, with small exceptions made to those that spawn multiple units for a very low cost. This rarity has Melee, Ranged, and Support units in it.

Some examples of Common units are as follows.

GingerBrave (CW).png GingerBright CW.png
GingerBrave GingerBright

Rare (Wars).png Rare Units

Rare units are slightly more powerful than their common counterparts, and are generally alright to use for lower-level play, though they should also be replaced eventually. These units are notable primarily for being readily accessible for obtaining higher-rarity units through fusion. This rarity adds Siege and Spell units to the mix.

Some examples of Rare units are as follows.

Knight Cookie CW.png Snow Sugar Cookie CW.png Rockstar Cookie CW.png
Knight Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie Rockstar Cookie

Epic (Wars).png Epic Units

Epic units are where skills start getting more complex and divided, and where several strong contenders are introduced. Epic units are generally good to have, and while weaker than their Mythic counterparts, can prove to be quite useful in sticky situations, or Survival Mode.

Some examples of Epic units are as follows.

Skating Queen Cookie (CW).png Gumball Cookie CW.png Soda Swamp.png
Skating Queen Cookie Gumball Cookie Soda Swamp

Mythic (Wars).png Mythic Units

Mythic units are the best of the best, and incredibly powerful. They are also fairly rare, so getting one out of the Gacha is usually considered quite lucky. These units have very unique animations and usually unique skills. They may also be a stronger version of a unit of a lower rarity, such as Royal Knight Cookie being a stronger version of the Rare Knight Cookie.

Some examples of Mythic units are as follows.

Energy Drink Cookie.png Forest Queen Fairy Cookie.png Red Fox Kumiho Cookie.png
Energy Drink Cookie Forest Queen Fairy Cookie Red Fox Kumiho Cookie


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