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My avatar in LINE.

Hello, my name is Akrie! It's nice to meet you!

I've started running in Cookie Run somewhere in November of 2014 when I was looking for Cookie Clicker games in iTunes and stumbled into this game. However, due to all the crashing (I guess having an outdated OS or my tablet being jail broken had something to do with it...) I never did seriously get into it until late December 2014 when I finally got to play it with persistence (or after removing the jailbreak, either one).

I've been active on this Cookie Run Wikipedia recently but never got around to making an account, but I thought it was a good time to do so, so here it is!

I used to have my LINE ID up here but due to having so many friends, it was preventing me from enjoying the game with slow loading times, freezes and constant error messages, so I had to remove it to keep it at a manageable level. Sorry! I'm an active Cookie Run player and one of the most active editors here on this Wikia.

Outside Cookie Run, I'm a 35 year old graphic artist and a web designer. I am also a certified teacher's assistant. I use my spare time to play video games and draw. I also love to read manga. My favorite manga to read is Mansion Ikkoku, Love Hina, Negima!, Yakitate!! Japan and Case Closed.

My Contributions

I have contributed to the Cookie Run Wikipedia, but they do tend to be buried under all the Events & Updates blog entries I do about biweekly, so I've listed them here if you want to check them out without having to wade through pages.

My Records

I will be updating my records whenever I break my current record (and I plan to a lot). You can try to beat my records!


Episode 1: Escape from the Oven


Episode 2: Primeval Jungle


Episode 3: Dragon's Valley


Episode 4: City of Wizards

Episode 5: Dessert Paradise 91,437,488

Special Episode 1: Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins


Special Episode 2: Tower of Frozen Waves

234 / 300
# of Warm Hearts So Far 48 / 100
Most Coins in a Single Run -
Most XP in a Single Run -

My Blessed Treasures

The following treasures are treasures I have successfully blessed.

Full Power Protein Powder.pngSkärmavbild 2015-01-28 kl. 17.33.47.pngVroom Vroom Gold Kiwi Key.pngVroom Vroom Gold Kiwi Key.pngGold Coin Filled Violin Case.pngSugar Powder Cream Sandwich.pngFrozen Solid Orange Drink.pngFrozen Solid Orange Drink.pngFrozen Solid Orange Drink.png마카롱맛 쿠키 Blusher Brush.pngRed Glowing Fox Heart Bead.pngRed Glowing Fox Heart Bead.pngSmooth Rainbow Colored Petals.pngSuper Cheesy Hairball.pngSuper Cheesy Hairball.pngThe Perfect Scheduling Kit.pngSavory Sunflower Seeds.pngNeon Lime Life Jacket.pngCookie Box 1440 Controller.pngBrain Freeze Iced CHoco Biscuit.pngStoic Piece of the Moon.pngStoic Piece of the Moon.pngMiner's Gold Dynamite.pngMiner's Gold Dynamite.pngGolden Magic Flower Pot.pngGolden Magic Flower Pot.pngMagnetic Energy Recovery Drink.pngMagnetic Energy Recovery Drink.pngRainbow Black Hole Drink.pngRainbow Black Hole Drink.pngRoyal Jelly Soft Cream.pngSpecially made Flaming Cocktail.pngChocolate Hardcover Workbook.pngChocolate Hardcover Workbook.pngGrand Revival Donut.pngBoatman's Burning Gold Sword.pngStuffed Elephant Money Box.pngSupremely Yummy Monster Muffin.pngSupremely Yummy Monster Muffin.pngSupremely Yummy Monster Muffin.pngVery Wet Drink.pngVery Wet Drink.pngVery Wet Drink.pngRich Black Coffee.pngRich Black Coffee.pngRoyal Bear Jelly Saddle.pngRoyal Bear Jelly Saddle.pngRoyal Bear Jelly Saddle.pngFlaming High Protein Milk.pngFlaming High Protein Milk.pngBurning Heat Infused Jellyco.pngBurning Heat Infused Jellyco.pngHoneymoon Cocktail of Full Moonlight.pngSacred Prosperity Bracelet of Earth.pngSacred Prosperity Bracelet of Earth.pngComa Inducing Choco Croissant.pngComa Inducing Choco Croissant.pngComa Inducing Choco Croissant.pngSlippery Golden Banana Peel.pngSlippery Golden Banana Peel.pngExpert's Baking Powder.pngJumpy Jelly Bouncy Ride.pngJumpy Jelly Bouncy Ride.pngIced Sparkling Water Drink.pngIced Sparkling Water Drink.pngSplendidly Shiny Golden Mace.pngSplendidly Shiny Golden Mace.pngStrawberry & Cream Eclair Baton.pngStrawberry & Cream Eclair Baton.pngStrawberry & Cream Eclair Baton.png

My Crystal Engine

My long term goal: Have a sustained Crystal Engine without having to spend money ever again on this game. Here's what I currently have in my Crystal Engine.

Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock.png 11 Rare Crystal Clam.png 13 Rare Sapphire Brooch.png 11
Giant Crystal Ring.png 5 Big crystal.png 20 Crystal Pearl Earring.png 42
Embraced Sacred Crystal Sword.png 5