Cookie Run Wiki

There Are Ways To Unlock Cookies In Ovenbreak! To Unlock Go To Gacha Shop And Pick Chest That You Like!

Cookies Unlocked At Start

Cookies Unlocked At Start: Common
GingerBrave GingerBright Strawberry Cookie Skater Cookie

Next Is Rare Cookies

Next Is Epic Cookies

And Last Legendary Cookies

Cookies Unlocked At Start: Legendary
Moonlight Cookie.png
Moonlight Cookie

Cookies Unlocked By Owning # Of Cookies Or Owning Cookies

To Own A Cookie Go To Gacha And Select Cookies Now Select A Chest And Done Only Epic Cookies To Unlocked

Cherry Blossom Cookie (OB).png
Peach Cookie.png
Roll Cake Cookie.png
Walnut Cookie.png
Cherry Blossom Cookie Peach Cookie Roll Cake Cookie Walnut Cookie
Own 20 Cookies Own Plum Cookie Own Pancake Cookie Own 22 Cookies

Cookies Unlocked By # Of Treasures

To Own A Treasures Go To Gacha Shop Now Select Treasures Now Select 1 Draw 10+1 Draws Or Special Treasure Draw

White Choco Cookie (OB).png
White Choco Cookie
Own 5 Treasures

Cookies Unlocked By # Of Pets Or Owning Pets

To Unlock A Pet Go To Gacha And Go To Pet Draw Now Select A Egg And Got A New Pet!

Tiger Lily Cookie.png
Tiger Lily Cookie
Own 20 Pets

Cookies Unlocked By Reaching Lands

To Reach A Land You Need Trophies To Reach A Land When Land Unlocks Cookie Also Unlocked!

Cookies Unlocked By Reaching Lands: Rare
Ninja Cookie.png
Ninja Cookie
Reach Land 3

Next Is Epic Cookies

Cookies Unlocked By Reaching Lands
Fairy Cookie (OB).png
Cream Puff Cookie (OB).png
Fairy Cookie Cream Puff Cookie