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The CookieRunner is back in business! However, it will only be in the form of these blog posts, which are snippets of supposed issues of the magazine.

As you may know, Cookie Run and the Cookie Run Wiki has gone through a lot this year. From new Cookies to new seasons to improvements to the wiki, the games and the wiki are still growing. Here are some highlights that have happened this year.

Text highlighted in bold is the main highlight of the month (besides new Cookies), while text highlighted in italics refer to the pictures in each month.


Picture 1: New Year's Day

  • Cookie Run celebrates New Year's Day.
  • Reversion  launches the idea of adding tables to Treasure categories as a way for players to decide which Treasure is better on a Treasure type and making decision-making faster. All is said in this blog here.
  • LINE Cookie Run celebrates its 2nd anniversary, and Bean Drop Duo is released for a limited time.
  • White Choco Cookie is released in Kakao.
  • The first draft of the policy for deciding gender is upheld.


Picture 2: Chinese New Year


Picture 3: Easter


Picture 4: Wrath of the Dragon

  • The Cookie Run Wiki celebrates April Fool's Day.
  • Kakao Cookie Run celebrates its 3rd Year Anniversary with a selection of fan art featured in this website.
  • Later, Kakao Cookie Run celebrates its 3rd Year Anniversary WITH A NEW SEASON under the name of "Wrath of the Dragon."
    • Nearly every Cookie and Pet and most of the Treasures and Boosts have been nerfed down.
    • The game has been balanced once more.
    • Dino-Sour Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie are released in Kakao.
    • The League System is launched, replacing the Medal System.
  • The mailbox is revamped, first in Kakao and then in LINE, 4 days later.
  • Cookie Run launches their official Instagram account.
  • The Cookie Run Tumblr account launches a survey to be part of the "Cookie Run Cool Club."
    • The list of participants are listed here.
  • The Cookie Run Wiki launches its official Twitter account.
  • Herb Cookie was first spotted as a bug, and later released officially a week later.
  • Cotton Candy Cookie is released in Kakao.


Picture 5: The CookieRunner


Pictures 6 & 7: Cookie Poll Results Pictures 6 & 7: Cookie Poll Results

Pictures 6 & 7: Cookie Poll Results

  • The Cookie Run Wiki kick-starts its official Facebook page.
  • The Japanese official account gets the blue verification checkmark next to its name.
  • The Cookie Run Poll is launched. The Cookie Run Wiki promotes the Cookie Poll through this blog post.
  • The Cookie Poll results based on appearance are announced.
  • The official account for LINE Cookie Run announces two events for the upcoming season, "Wrath of the Dragon," with prizes of CookieRunCrystal.png 100 and Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket.png 5, respectively. More details about Episode 3 and the Sea Fairy were released in the microsite.
  • The Cookie Poll results based on skill are announced.
  • The game announces hints of a new season approaching, including a newsletter about the future updates and a newsletter announcing the ending of the Invite Event.
  • Cookie Run kickstarts maintenance on June 27, 9am (GMT+9). It had already gone through seven extensions.


Picture 8: The New Mystery Figures


Picture 9: The Ninth Season


Picture 10: Closure of the Cookie Run Facebook Page


Picture 11: It's Halloween Time!

Picture 12: It's Halloween Time! (LINE)

  • The social media sites undergo a transition from Cookie Run to Cookie Run: OvenBreak as they promote the release of the new game: first in Twitter, then in Facebook (the Cookie Run Facebook page was made a redirect), and finally in the Japanese official Twitter.
  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak opens up a pre-registration site: first in Korea, then Thailand, then Taiwan, then Japan, and finally worldwide. The number of people pre-registered is the same throughout.
  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is scheduled for release on October 27.
  • LINE Cookie Run releases the Collect Magic Runes event, the final event to conclude the Wrath of the Dragon season. It runs for only one week.
  • After the event ended, LINE Cookie Run undergoes a nearly 6 hour-long maintenance to launch the New World Discovered season.
  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak releases a huge controversial update that leaves players fighting over the disadvantages of it.
  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is released worldwide, with the exception of Thailand and China. The Thailand release is postponed for another two weeks.
  • The Halloween Party is released two weeks later in LINE.


Picture 13: What a shocking discovery!

  • Rebel Cookie is officially released in LINE.
  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is released in Thailand. The game becomes a huge success there, reaching the top 10 in free apps.
    • The game is promoted through the Cookie Run Fun Troop, which is an event spanning over selected places in Bangkok.
  • LINE Cookie Run celebrates LINE Game's 4th anniversary.
  • Winter arrives in Cookie Run with the return of the Want to Make a Snowman? event.
  • The CookieRunner announces an indefinite hiatus, with plans of coming back soon at some random time.
  • The unofficial LINE Cookie Run survey is created.


Picture 14: Here comes the first Cookie on the moon!

  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak releases a Winter Update that released 9 new Cookies and Pets and several other additions to the game.
  • Kakao Cookie Run goes on an emergency maintenance due to a server failure. CookieRunCrystal.png 100 was compensated later.
  • LINE Cookie Run announces the ending of a Treasure Draw season in compliance with Moon Rabbit Cookie's release.
  • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak hits 6 million downloads.
  • The Cookie Run Mall announces the termination of their service.
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie is officially released in LINE.
  • Merry Christmas! Cookie Run: Ovenbreak celebrates it with a special gift related to chests.
  • Devsisters announces the development of three new games in the Cookie Run franchise: a defense-based game, a puzzle game, and a role-playing game (RPG).
  • The Cookie Run Mall terminates service.

New Cookies of 2016

So many Cookies, so little time. Here are the new Cookies released this year.


Cinnamon Cookie.png Macaron Cookie.png Red Bean Cookie.png Herb Cookie.png White Choco Cookie.png
Cinnamon Cookie Macaron Cookie Red Bean Cookie Herb Cookie White Choco Cookie
Dino-Sour Cookie.png Sea Fairy Cookie.png Cotton Candy Cookie.png Roll Cake Cookie.png Banana Cookie.png
Dino-Sour Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie Roll Cake Cookie Banana Cookie
Pancake Cookie.png Wind Archer Cookie.png Rebel Cookie.png Moon Rabbit Cookie.png
Pancake Cookie Wind Archer Cookie Rebel Cookie Moon Rabbit Cookie


White Choco Cookie.png Herb Cookie.png Dino-Sour Cookie.png Sea Fairy Cookie.png Cotton Candy Cookie.png
White Choco Cookie Herb Cookie Dino-Sour Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie
Roll Cake Cookie.png Banana Cookie.png Pancake Cookie.png Wind Archer Cookie.png Moon Rabbit Cookie.png
Roll Cake Cookie Banana Cookie Pancake Cookie Wind Archer Cookie Moon Rabbit Cookie


This blog post compiles all the highlights that have happened in Cookie Run, the Cookie Run Wiki, and Cookie Run: Ovenbreak (in affiliation with the Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Wikia). However, if TL;DR, compiling all the boldfaced highlights from each month, we get the following:

  • January: LINE Cookie Run celebrates their 2nd anniversary.
  • February: The Cookie Run Wiki celebrates their 2nd anniversary.
  • March: Cookie Run launches what was once their Twitter and Tumblr account.
  • April: Kakao Cookie Run gets an update called "Wrath of the Dragon".
  • May: The CookieRunner makes its public debut.
  • June: Wrath of the Dragon season catches up to LINE.
  • July: Devsisters announces and releases the production of a second series of mystery figurines, in what would be the last merchandise ever produced.
  • August: Kakao Cookie Run gets yet another update, this time called "Discovery of a New World". A new episode was released for the first time in more than a year.
  • September: Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is released as a soft launch.
  • October: TWO big events happened on this month.
    • The big update in Kakao Cookie Run catches up to LINE, this time released as "New World Discovered".
    • Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is released globally.
  • November: LINE Game celebrates their 4th anniversary. Not so much of a big highlight I guess.
  • December: Cookie Run: Ovenbreak releases a Winter Update, consisting of nine new Cookies and Pets as well as other additions to the game.

Looking from these highlights, you can say there were many events that kept fans excited over the updates that they had anticipated for. You can also say the overall performance of Cookie Run escalated in April, July, August, and October, but decreased after October due to Ovenbreak. When you dig deeper, you'll notice there hasn't been any new Cookies in Kakao Cookie Run from October onward. Many people say it might be due to Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, but who knows?

For the Business Geeks

I felt like this should be included as well, since I recently started to read business articles related to the financial status of Devsisters and how they are currently doing in the business world, and that I am currently taking General Business as a core subject for this school year. (It is really helpful indeed, since it helps you see things in a different perspective as well as sympathize with the companies of your favorite video games.)

Well, sorry to say this, but the stock for Devsisters has declined over the past months. It fell sharply in December, and I still wonder why. Here's the page to their stock watch if needed.

Stock watch - Devsisters - 2016.png

It was declining a bit in March, but then it rose up in April probably due to the Wrath of the Dragon update. It rose up even further around May to June, and continued to stay within 25 billion until October, with the soft launch of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. After that, it fell sharply, with a very sharp decline around the Winter Update of Ovenbreak. It is increasing, but only by small increments.

Several Korean business articles, as well as this English article and this English article, explained about this situation. You can search up for these business articles using the Korean name for Devsisters (since using the English won't give much information) and then clicking on the "News" section.

We have currently heard that they are making three new games in the making. Will this bring them back up into the game? We may never know.


  1. What, in your opinion, was the best highlight of the year for Cookie Run? The Cookie Run Wiki?
  2. (Kakao only) What was your favorite Cookie of 2016?
  3. Seeing that Kakao Cookie Run has been sluggish in updates recently, what can you infer from this situation? Do you think 2017 will make a change for the better?