Quote1 Braaaaaaainsssss... Quote2
―Zombie Cookie

Zombie Cookie is an A-grade cookie that is capable of reviving up to 8 times, extending the gameplay up to 136 extra energy. It is popular among new users since it can be obtained through the Invite Event and could run farther. It is also a popular choice as a relay for his extra health in earlier seasons.

Skill Edit

Revives after running out of Energy up to 8 times (every time 17~30 energy) with upgrades.

Description Edit

Made from moldy ingredients, Zombie Cookie was thoroughly underbaked and slopped carelessly with strawberry jam and melted chocolate. As he can revive easily, he is really only worried about falling into holes.

Statistics Edit

Level Skill Energy Upgrade Cost
Base Extra Total
Revives you once with 30 Energy 130 30 160 N/A
Revives you twice with 25 Energy 134 50 184 17,000
Revives you 3 times with 22 Energy 138 66 204 19,000
Revives you 4 times with 20 Energy 142 80 222 21,000
Revives you 5 times with 20 Energy 146 100 246 23,000
Revives you 6 times with 20 Energy 150 120 270 25,000
Revives you 7 times with 18 Energy 150 126 276 30,000
Revives you 8 times with 17 Energy 150 136 286 35,000

Loading Messages Edit

  • Me sleepy, go home I will...
  • I am getting angry...
  • There won't be any plants on the way, right?
  • Braaaaaaainsssss...
  • $%@#!*$#@...


  • Zombie Cookie has the third highest total energy (150 + reviving energy 136 = 286) in the game, without equipping any pets or treasures. Fire Spirit Cookie has the highest total energy (185 + 180 = 365), Pirate Cookie being the second (160 + 160 = 320). Prior to the New World update, players usually chose Pirate Cookie over Zombie Cookie, but Zombie Cookie could take health potions, even after his first revive.
  • Zombie Cookie was popular to use as the main cookie as well as the relay in the first season of LINE Cookie Run. When more cookies were introduced, the newer cookies soon replaced him as the best choice for relay.
  • One of his loading messages says "There won't be plants on the way, right?" This is a reference to a game, Plants Vs Zombies.
  • Zombie Cookie's retired combi with Furball Pup was likely a play on how dogs will love you no matter who or what you are. 
  • During the Halloween Party 2014 and 2015, Zombie Cookie dressed up as Alice.

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